Dancer Essay

Dancer Essay

Marzena: About a Dancer

– … It is almost a world record, and is uttuly true. Why wouldn’t it be. From all the friends Marzena has everyone of her friends will say that she is a very loyal friend. When someone is having a hard day they come to Marzena and talk his or her heart out because she is a great listener. Not one of the words that person said will be said again. As you can see, any person in the world knows that Marzena is an extremely loyal person and friend. Next there are a lot of nice people about the world but there is something different in Marzena, she is always charming…. ;

Understanding the Underground Dancer

– Understanding the Underground Dancer If you have seen him–in clubs, in parties, and even in the street–you will surely remember him. The Underground Dancer is a figure of the modern world that cannot be dismissed. Anthropologists explain dance as the expression of sexual desires, but the Underground Dancer is different, and therefore, often misunderstood. It is hard to pinpoint what he is, and what he looks like, all I can provide is shots in the dark, a desperate attempt to shed light to this misunderstood personae….  

An Emotional Slave in The Slave Dancer

– An Emotional Slave in The Slave Dancer I found The Slave Dancer, by Paula Fox, to be a very commendable historical fiction. When I had finished reading the final sentence, I was left with a feeling of appreciation. I felt imperfect. For it easily could have been my ancestors who tortured the multitudes of helpless slaves. The Slave Dancer was a difficult book to get into, but it soon captured my interest and turned into an excellent, yet emotional, piece of literature. The Slave Dancer was a story that was so real and likewise so powerful…. ;

The Dancer’s Gift and Sociology

– “The Dancer’s gift” is a love story between a young man and woman, Marcel and Samantha. But this novel was written not only to call feelings about love and passion; the main goal was to introduce students to sociological concepts. Overall, the book includes more than 180 sociological terms that flow with the story and closely connected to happening events. Marcel, a black man, arrives from Martinique (an island in the Caribbean Sea), and Samantha, a rich American girl, meet each other in college and fall in love….  

Chechen Dancer: Makhmud Esambayev

– Chechen Dancer: Makhmud Esambayev A Dance Magician Many believe music is a universal language. Regardless of ones nationality or background we can all recognize and be touched by the power of music. Makhmud Esambayev, a Chechen dancer born with an exceptional ear for music, devoted his life to touching others with his own power. Esambayev was born in 1924 in the small Circassian village of Stariye Atagi, which is located on the foothills of the Caucasian mountains. Stariye Atagi, about twenty km south of Grozny, is one of the largest villages in Chechnya….