Crushing grinding or chemical mixing machine operator Essay

Crushing grinding or chemical mixing machine operator Essay

Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drink

– … O’Brien, et al., (2012) found that hiding the taste of alcohol was the reason for consuming AmED, compared to Peacock, et al., (2012a) reporting 22% for the same motivator. It should be noted that Peacock and colleagues (2012a) found one of the highest motivators (69%) to be “because I like the taste”. This perhaps could be attributed to the difference in samples (O’Brien’s sample consisting of college students and Peacock’s sample a broader range of the community). Due to the vast difference in results and limited sample selections, the motivators behind this practice are relatively unknown and therefore require further investigation….  

A Pattern Matching Approach to Find the IUPAC Names in Chemical Documents

– Chemical substances or entities are important terms in chemistry publications and patents. Various representations are available to represent chemical entities like IUPAC, trivial names, SMILES, InChI and CAS Registry numbers. Chemical names pose a special challenge in information retrieval since they typically are long and complex expressions and prone to variation, which in turn may cause a decrease in retrieval performance. The difficulty in obtaining manually annotated data for training NER systems has motivated researchers to look for alternative ways of generating annotated data, or for making the best possible use of unlabeled data….  

Freedom Industries and Chemical Spill

– Affecting close to 100,000 homes and businesses, estimated to be close to 300,000 people, Freedom Industries experienced a chemical spill that contaminated the public water system in nine counties in the Charleston, West Virginia metropolitan area. This matter has raised a magnitude of issues that have affected not only residents of the tainted regions, but the company itself and the government. Forming a contingency plan early on could have significantly reduced or prevented the dangers of the chemical spill or at least made it easier to those in command to effectively respond to the spill….  

The Chemical Corps Regiment

– The Chemical Corps Regiment The US Army Chemical Corps history began back in World War I as the Chemical Warfare Service. World War I came to be known as the “Chemists War” because of the first uses of chemical warfare agents (Fitzgerald, 2008). The use of chemical agents by Germany was said to have been initiated by the necessity of war fighters to develop new war strategies to offset trench warfare. German armies were complacent with trench warfare and could no longer rely on this method to ensure victory (Blodgett, 2009)….  

Robert Nozick?s Happiness and the Experience Machine

– … This is clearly shown by comparing two different lives but with the same amount of happiness in them, one is slopes continuously upward to increasing happiness in their entire lives as time goes on. The other life slopes continuously downward. Despite the equal amount of happiness, the first one seems like more satisfactory life. There are always good in the future to expect, and things are always getting better. The second situation has the added pleasures of remembering past happiness, though things continue to slopes downward….