Creative director Essay

Creative director Essay

A Career as a Creative Director

– America is an impressionable society. It is a creative director’s job to take advantage of that receptive pliability to advertise different products to the public. Whether people realize it or not, every product they see has subliminal messages to appeal to different types of people. Each of these products has gone through a creative director and his or her team. Creative directors influence the world’s economy and the way consumers think by using a plethora of advertising tactics and sheer ingenuity….  

What Does it Means to be a Theatre Director

– When someone goes to watch a play, they are usually focused around the actors. Never really reminding them or thinking about all the other jobs and efforts that are used to put together his production. It is often looked past, that the whole play was thought up by a director. What they are watching was something that a director had to envision. The director is the boss of the play. They are physically directing what the actors and actresses need to do. But being a theatre director is not just about telling actors what to do during scenes….  

The Romantic Notion of a Film Director

– The intention of this essay is to discuss the romantic notion of a film director who has etched their own cinematic vision into the body of their film work, and whether the theory and practice is dead and an infringement of the spectator’s imagination and is it the spectator who finds meaning in the film. I will be closely looking at critical material, primarily Andre Bazin and Roland Barthes and applying them to several case study films directed by Christopher Nolan including The Following (1998), The Prestige (2006) and Inception (2010), to examine whether Nolan possesses the qualities of an auteur and if so, does that imply an ideological view of what the auteur resembles or an artistic o…  

The Role of the Artistic Director in a Theater Production

– … 7. Aristophanes: Aristophanes was born in 448 BCE and died 380 BCE and he was a general of the Athenian Army. He was also a playwright, for he wrote many plays, but only five of them survived. These plays are Birds, Clouds, Frogs, Wasps, and Lysistrata. Aristophanes’ plays were under the genre of comedy and they were also literary. The plays contained satire, sex, eating, drinking, and wealth. Christopher Marlowe: Christopher Marl owe was born in 1564 and died in 1593. He was a spy, a poet, and a playwright within the sixteenth century….  

The Crucible by Director Nicholas Hytner

– When Arthur Miller published “The Crucible” in 1953, the play’s audience was a nation of Americans seized in the grip of McCarthyism. The Communist “witch hunt” has long since ended, but the public’s fascination with this shameful piece of American history has not. The original play unfolded over the course of 4 acts that mainly consisted of dialogue. As a result, the creators of the 1996 movie adaptation had an ample degree of creative latitude to update the narrative for a modern audience. Director Nicholas Hytner utilized a host of cinematic techniques that enabled the moving images to tug the heartstrings of the audience just as effectively as the book had done before….