Court jury coordinator Essay

Court jury coordinator Essay

The Jury System

– The right to trial by jury in the modern times originates from twelfth century England during the reign of King Henry II. This system may originate from an “ancient right for an accused to be tried only “by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land”” (Thomas). In the United States, trial by jury is mentioned in Article Three of the Constitution and the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments. For many people, the jury system seems to be the fairest system and most unbiased way of determining a person’s innocence or guilt….  

The Jury and Its Role in the Courts of Trial

– The jury plays a crucial role in the courts of trial. They are an integral part in the Australian justice system. The jury system brings ordinary people into the courts everyday to judge whether a case is guilty or innocent. The role of the jury varies, depending on the different cases. In Australia, the court is ran by an adversary system. In this system “..individual litigants play a central part, initiating court action and largely determining the issues in dispute” (Ellis 2013, p. 133). In this essay I will be discussing the role of the jury system and how some believe the jury is one of the most important institutions in ensuring that Australia has an effective legal system, while other…  

Jury Nullification

– Jury Nullification Jury nullification means that a jury finds a defendant innocent because the law itself is unjust, or is unjust in a particular application, and so should not be applied. So really what this means is that no mater what the law says the jury will pretty much have the right to choose weather the person is going to be guilty or innocent and that is kind of ok in some cases but then again its not in others so we should not expect our juries to judge our laws only the case that person is being tried in and they should only judge that person on all of the facts given….  

The Role of the Jury in a Crown Court

– The Role of the Jury in a Crown Court For all court appearances, jurors are selected randomly, by an official at the crown court from the electoral registers. In order to be selected for a jury the person must be: between the ages of 18-70; have lived in the country for at least 5years and be registered as a parliamentary elector. In 2003 a new act was passed, The Criminal Justice Act, this meant that everybody was eligible to be called for jury service. This new act does not excuse anyone in the legal profession, justice system or the health system….  

Certiorari to the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas

– … The defense compared him to Penry since he had a low IQ and a learning and speech disorder. The defense tried to argue how the Texas death penalty was unconstitutional according to the Eighth Amendment, but the Judge and Jury did not change their minds and the death penalty still stood (Kennedy). III Discussion LaRoyce Lathair Smith got convicted of capital murder and was given the death penalty by a jury in Dallas County, Texas. Before the jury made its decision, the judge added a “nullification instruction.” The instruction that the trial judge gave instructed that the jury to give effect to mitigation evidence, but the jury was allowed to do this by negating what would have been a pos…