Courier Essay

Courier Essay

Marketing Plan Foundation: Federal Express

– Marketing Plan Foundation: FedEx Many people know that Federal Express (FedEx) is a global courier and package delivery company. According to their site information, “FedEx Corporation provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services.”(About FedEx, 2012) This indicates they provide a much broader range of services than just delivering packages. FedEx has grown into a worldwide provider of many different forms of transportation and business services….  

Overview of United Parcel Service (UPS)

– … UPS Operations and the policies of the organization are major in supporting culture at UPS. Few like “Employee Ownership” and “Internal Development of Employees” creates a kind of trust in employees which helps improving productivity. Social Capital UPS employees own some stake in the company. So the employees work for themselves, this actual help bridging the gap between employees. And so the productivity is more and the employees are loyal to the company. After more than 80 years of establishment the company transformed into market- driven company with diverse customer focus….  

FedEx’s Value Chain Activity

– … In addition, human resources are very critical to their business since FedEx has a very large employee base. As of the generic strategy, FedEx is in the process of transfer from differentiation to cost leadership because the delivery industry is not very much differentiated in service types. In the beginning, FedEx was a differentiator as the company first effectively used airplane to deliver customer’s packages in a very timely basis. However, with the growth of delivery industry, major companies such as UPS imitated the air delivery and started to provide the express delivery service with very similar features…. ;

The Book of the Courtier

– The Book of the Courtier As a ship is without a sail or a king with no castle, so too is a courtier without a Court lady. In “The Book of the Courtier” Baldesar Castiglione not only included a perfect courtier, he also molded his female equivalent, a Court lady. “The Courtier” itself was a step by step guide intended to instruct the young, affluent and upwardly mobile in areas of manners, learning, sport and conduct. It was published in 1528, at a high point of humanistic thought and antiquarian chivalric interest in Renaissance Italy…. ;

Three Little Words: The Compelling Autobiography of Ashley Rhodes-Courter

– … She only got to visit her mother few times a year, but as she grew up, she understood it’s all she got. At the end of the book, Ashley didn’t become re-united with her mother, but she was still pleased that she got foster parents who love her and take care for her. Another factor that made Ashley noteworthy is after she graduated high school, she visited many foster homes and foster children to see how she could help them. She tried to find foster children adoptive parents so they will know how “love feels like.” When she was growing up in foster homes, she felt helpless and she felt like nobody cared for her until she was adopted…. ;