Coroner Essay

Coroner Essay

A Career as a Medical Examiner or Coroner

– Coroner/Medical Examiner The sudden or unexplained death of a person has a huge impact on families and friends of the deceased, and it places a huge role of responsibility on the medical examiner to answer questions which may provide closure. Interaction with the loved ones of the deceased is a delicate matter that must be dealt with calmly and professionally. Generally, medical examiners are overachievers, objective, analytical, and optimistic. “I can’t do anything for the deceased, they’re gone….  

Becoming a Forensic Coroner

– You have probably heard of the work of the coroner . It is a profession widespread nowadays, thanks to shows like CSI , Bones , Dexter , among many others who disclose a bit day to day legal professional . It is clear that the series are a bit fanciful and dramatized : it is not for the expert interrogate the suspects and the skills are not always so quick . Depending on the type and state of the evidence may take months to conclude an expert report . [ 5 ] However , the series has attracted the attention of people to this kind of profession, as if they were a kind of attractive ….  

The Medieval Coroner

– The first coroners were appointed in 1194 by Richard I. He actually had sheriffs to represent his interests, but they were often corrupt. Furthermore, they embezzled shares of the taxes, so Richard I. decided to create a new office: the coroner. Their official task was to “keep the pleas of the Crown”; this included the investigation of sudden deaths, but also administrative duties. If a person died, the first one who found the body had to inform the Bailiff of the Hundred, who then had to notify the coroner….  

The Medical Examiner System Should Replace the Traditional Coroner System

– … A coroner system consists of a coroner whose responsible for identifying the decreased body, alerting the family members or anyone of close relation, signing the death certificate and most importantly determining the cause of death. The tasks seem simple; however, in practicality the tasks are demanding and impossible to fulfill with the coroner system. Due to the absence of scientific knowledge, elective nature and lack of modern resources, the coroner system is exceeding inefficient and should be replaced with the medical examiner system….  

Modern Fascination with the Post-Mortem Procedure

– The coroner’s inquest maintained its status as a popular construction of earlier criminal justice systems even through great scrutiny and disapproval. (Burney 1994) Although the job of the coroner and the coroner’s inquest are no longer significant staples of the American criminal justice system, the fascination with death, bodies, and the post-mortem examination has all but decreased. The process of the post-mortem examination has become a method of entertainment visible in many forms of media including, but not limited to, crime and detective novels and crime-based television shows….