Construction painter Essay

Construction painter Essay

The Construction of St. Peter’s Basilica

– The Constantinian, or Old St. Peter’s, Basilica was constructed c. 354 BCE. Having recently gained control of the land where the Vatican now sits, Constantine desired to display his power and wealth by building something magnificent. The grave of St. Peter was chose as the site for Constantine’s exhibition. Old St. Peter’s Basilica marked the alleged site of his burial, and became the most important building in the Roman Catholic Church. Pilgrimage to this shrine became the goal of many Christians throughout the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance…. ;

The Art of Story Telling: In the End We Will All Become Stories

– Over the last three decades, narrative and storytelling have played a substantial role in the development of both cinematic and contemporary video-art practices. Along with an increasing interest in documentary forms, as testified by the dominance of video and screens at international exhibitions and biennials, moving image served this major tendency towards narration as allowing for a deeper understanding of a multifaceted modernity. By producing critical images of specific places, as noted by art critic and curator Mark Nash, documentary therefore became the elected tool to ponder on the complex dimension of an increasingly globalized yet multicultural universe, as moreover opposing the s… ;

The Success of Artisit Giotto di Bondone

– … Giotto was also able to achieve a convincing representation of space. The technique (fresco) used by Giotto and most Italian painters would be to paint directly onto walls with tempura paint, which required great skill and patience. Tempura paint were powdered pigments made from the combination of items such as egg yolks, water, and glue mixed with dangerous elements like lead and arsenic. The first step in creating a fresco would be to cover the wall with gypsum soaked linen strips. This created the initial surface to paint on…. ;

Frederic Edwin Church’s Contribution to Defining America

– FOREWORD Frederic Edwin Church was clearly an epic and defining figure among the Hudson River School painters, particularly in his collaborative efforts in developing a sense of national identity for America, but also in fostering tourism through landscape painting, political influence, and entrepreneurialism. By answering the national call for artists and writers to define American landscape, Church took the first steps towards becoming, not only one of America’s greatest painters, but also a successful entrepreneur when it came to selling his own work to make a living….  

The Vast Variety of Greek Art

– … The cornerstone of his monumental works were the columns. The construction system used was the lintels. Highlights in hierarchical order, the temples as principal exponents, then, the theaters, the Acropolis, the Propilea, stadiums, gymnasiums and lectures, the Agoras and the funeral monuments. The different types and forms of columns gave rise to the famous Greek architectural orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Greeks used preferentially the marble, which breakfasting mechanics carefully; also, used the stone….