Conceptual artist Essay

Conceptual artist Essay

The Fault in Conceptual Artists

– This essay will focus on why and how conceptual artists sets out to destroy or undermine the value of physical pleasure in art’s making and reception. In order to discuss this issue, first we need to look back on history to examine the historical context of Conceptual Art. During 1960s, the world is in a turbulent state experiencing all sorts of crises . After the World War One and the World War Two, the traditional value and institutional system had been overthrown. The collapse of old world politics, social order and authority, moreover, rise of Feminism, racial conflict between white and black, intervention of Vietnam War forced artists to challenge the conventional system and authority…. ;

Yoko Ono: Alternative and Conceptual Art Genius

– … The instructions were to play a game with a friend or stranger while remembering which pieces belonged to whom (Allen). Another piece was called “My Mommy is Beautiful.” Yoko Ono wanted the audience to write a note directed towards or about their mother onto a piece of paper and plaster them all over a designated wall. This piece is not only physically interactive, but invokes an emotional side to participants (Allen). With the secrecy of what you can put on the paper and the lack of time to think about what to write, truth is drawn out whether it be good or bad…. ;

Essay on Einstein’s Science and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

– A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Correlations Between Einstein’s Science and Joyce’s Artist Joyce and Einstein both made enormous contributions to their respective fields, but left us with as many new mysteries as answers to questions. Einstein’s theory of Relativity showed us that our conceptual relationship to the world around us is extremely flexible — that our perception of the world is determined both by our position in and of itself, and our position in relation to others….  

The Wandering Nature of the Artist in the Altermodern Context

– If heterochronic elements brought together form one of the main components of the altermodern, the wandering spirit of the artist is its complementary part. He is a wanderer, an individual in quest for ‘something’, trying to discover a higher meaning or simple, absurd facts, woven out of threads of fantasy or from the past experience. Throughout modernism, referring to the changes started in Renaissance, the artist looked at all times towards ‘something’ to discover. Nowadays, the times have changed: there are no patterns, no rules of what is allowed or not; anything is permitted and that is the only rule to be followed…. ;

Dadaism and Conceptual Art: Marcel Duchamp

– In this essay I will analyze and evaluate how Duchamp’s exhibition of readymade objects changed the status and value of artistic authorship. Readymade is a term devised by Marcel Duchamp in 1915 to label manufactured objects remote from their practical setting and raised to the prestige of art by the action of an artist’s choice and label. Marcel Duchamp was a French-American painter and sculptor. His work is linked with Dadaism and conceptual art, a movement that examined suppositions of what art must be, and in what way it should be arranged…. ;