Commercial art gallery manager Essay

Commercial art gallery manager Essay

The Art Gallery of New South Wales: A Virtual Experience

– 3. Many art galleries/museums now offer elaborate websites. This virtual experience raises many factors that challenge the ways in which we conventionally view art. Discuss this statement through a close analysis of the web site of the AGNSW ( In particular, you should look at the sections dealing with Exhibitions, Collection and Education, especially ‘my virtual gallery’ that appears in Education. In the 21st century age of technology, there is a constant conflict between the reception of art through a gallery website as opposed to experiencing it in the physical space of the art gallery or museum….  

The University Art Gallery Show

– The University Art Gallery Show Its bright, It’s brash it’s stimulating. It’s Art Express ’06. This years show displayed at the University Art gallery, demonstrated the growing interest in contemporary issues and cultural awareness. The Show was set up in separate sections, with similar artworks placed around the same sections of space. There were two glass presentation boxes going along the centre on either side of the room, with three main walls, leading onto smaller walls, presenting the HSC selected works….  

The Art Lover by Robert Amos

– Gallery Exhibit and Review Early 20th century Canadian art has a fascinating and intertwining past, which is explored and discovered through guest curator Robert Amos’ exhibition Harold Mortimer- Lamb: The Art Lover at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV). The exhibit explores the life and activities of photographer, writer, painter, art patron, promoter and collector, Harold Mortimer-Lamb (Amos, Print, 2). He was a man of many parts in Canadian Art and this exhibit explores his influence by utilizing artworks and writings from Harold and Vera Mortimer-Lambs’ estate of over one hundred and ninety two pieces donated to the AGGV in 1978….  

Malaysian National Art Gallery

– … Bartuska (1994) noted that, “Human functional aspects are an important component of architecture and deep understanding of them is a fundamental prerequisite to building design. Internally, fine building provides appropriate functional spaces for healthy human needs, values and activities, Externally, the form of architecture is prominent, expressing the symbolic qualities of a structure, be it an office building, civic centre, church or home. The symbolic meaning is a unique and provides orientation and enjoyment for the public (p.157)” The function of a building is how the building serves its community and the public….  

Art Work Research Gallery

– Art Work Research Gallery There are three different types of galleries that house exhibitions of artworks. One such form is a public gallery. A public gallery is a non-profit organisation who are funned by the government, bequests and donations. A public gallery is responsible for the collection, storage and display of artworks in accordance with gallery policies. They have a range of temporary exhibitions that cover a broad range of artistic styles and genres….