Civil engineer Essay

Civil engineer Essay

I Want to Graduate as a Civil Engineer

– … Active participation in Boy Scouts and National Cadet Corps helped me develop courage, camaraderie, leadership and discipline. I was awarded Boy Scouts Chathura Charan Award by the Governor of the State of Karnataka (2000) and National Cadet Corp ‘A’ Certificate of excellence by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India (2005). Also, I was a winner of Interschool Football (2004-2005 & 2005-2006) & Hockey (2002-2003) tournaments in the State. Furthermore, I organized blood pressure check-up and blood donation camps while in school and university….  

John Frank Stevens: An American Civil Engineer

– John Frank Stevens John Frank Stevens was born April 25th, 1883 near West Gardiner, Maine. Stevens went to Maine State Normal School and later moved west due to a small economy in the local area. Stevens found a job at the Minneapolis city engineer’s office. Here he gained a great amount of experience doing tasks in engineering, like building railroads, which helped him start his career as a civil engineer. Stevens became one of the best engineers due to his dedication. He was mostly self-taught which shows that he is one of the most intelligent engineers for what he did in his time…. ;

Why I Want to Be a Civil Engineer

– … Since middle school, I have been focused on going to a college that will successfully prepare me for a career in engineering. I have known that I wanted to pursue engineering ever since the moment my father introduced me to the world of architecture and engineering. Since he is a home improvement contractor, he was able to teach me about blueprints of previous homes that he had renovated. My father helped me comprehend the various pages of blueprints and later allowed me to help him out in designing a new addition for a client…. ;

Personal Statement of Finding Success

– … With no qualms about sacrificing time, money, or respect, my parents chose to close my mother’s daycare to better homeschool my three siblings and me and leave my father to single-handedly support our family of six. Till I started attending Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) as a Running Start student, I was homeschooled, but it wasn’t till then did I appreciate the sacrifices my parents had made. I had finally learned what my parents had been trying to teach me. Family is the basic unit of civilization, like a cell was the most basic unit of living organisms…. ;

My Vocation and Life Dream

– … I understand that this is contradictory because this would mean that the father is literally constructing a house. Despite this I still believe that this is one of the most loving things a father can do because he is making a place that he believes is suitable for his loved ones. I believe that this aspect of fatherhood has been diminishing over the last century or so because there are businesses that have absorbed the responsibility of building homes. This, to me, is detrimental because I believe that building the house that your family will live in is one of the things that a father can do to make a house a home…. ;