City councillor Essay

City councillor Essay

Expropriation Is What Pirates Do Best

– Expropriation of land and buildings is unethical; it should be viewed as piracy because the government is literally taking your personal property. It is supposed to be used towards: “…enlarge or improve public buildings, roads, parks and services.” (British Columbia Provincial Government, 2012) However, this isn’t always the case and there is no standard or regulation to what defines these improvements/services and no consequences if these benefits do not come to fruition. The definition of expropriation is to dispossess someone of property; to take it away…. ;

The New City of Culture Initiative

– … Local artists, organisations and civic groups have come together and designed a calendar of events showcasing a wide variety of talents. They have taken on the ambitious task to highlight the different elements of both the traditional and modern culture in Limerick and establish the city as an internationally recognised location for culture in 2014 and in the future. Cultural Development Culture is a fusion of many diverse influences and interests. Cultural development is an integral part of the future development of a city…. ;

History and Issues in Mexico City

– Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. Mexico City is very well known for being the longest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, and it is also the largest and the oldest city in the Spanish America. The population of Mexico City is growing very quickly, for many reasons mainly the migration from the other parts of Mexico and another reason is that the birth rate is greater than the death rate. At a population of 21 million people, about one-fifth of the country’s inhabitants, it is one of the most greatly populated cities in the world, and it is the worlds largest capital city….  

Hong Kong as a Multicultural City

– … Whereas the Princeton dictionary defines multiculturalism, in a normative sense, to be the laying down of certain rules and policies in order to promote peaceful and equitable co-existence amongst various cultural groups, in a single country. Hong Kong definitely meets the criteria of being a descriptive multicultural city. But does it meet the normative definition as well. Hong Kong is considered to be a highly homogenous society. Unlike Toronto, only 6% of its population comprises of the diverse ethnic groups, whereas the remaining 94% of the population is Chinese (ethnically speaking, Han Chinese) (Race Relations Unit, 2013)….  

Liepaja: The City of Wind

– … Summers can get really hot, and then you will appreciate those wind breezes that will help you cool down a bit. When the air temperature gets higher than 25 degrees the only good idea would be to go to the beach side where you can get your tan and hang out with your friends. Plane There is airport in Liepaja, but it is used just for privet planes only. The nearest international airport is in Lithuania, Palanga and nearest international Latvia’s airport is Riga’s International airport. Both of these airports have low fair flights….