Children’s nurse Essay

Children’s nurse Essay

History of Diabetis Mellitus

– Years ago type 1 diabetes mellitus was better known as juvenile diabetes. Most people may remember all the commercials supporting research from the famous Mary Taylor Moore. In recent years juvenile diabetes was renames type 1 and type 2 in children since the disease process is the same in both children and adults. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a significant health care concern among youth and is currently the most prevalent childhood chronic illness. (Rachel M. Merkel, 2012) Type 1 diabetes is when the body does not produce insulin leading to a buildup of glucose in the blood…. ;

Mothers Should Be Allowed to Nurse their Children in Public Places

– All over the world people are welcoming new babies into their families. They are preparing their homes for their newest addition and mothers are beginning to make some very important decisions on their lives, specifically breastfeeding or using formula. Many mothers do not have the ability to breastfeed, whether that be because of work, lack of milk production, along with various other reasons. However, many women do choose to breastfeed their children. Choosing to breastfeed is such a beneficial experience for both the mother and the child, but sadly women do face the undeniable scrutiny of others when they choose to breastfeed their children in public…. ;

Being a Nurse Practitioner

– Every little kid has high exceptions for what they want to be when they grow up. Some dream of becoming president of the United States of America, or becoming an Astronaut, a lot of little kid’s say that they want to be a Doctor. What kids do not understand is that there are many types of doctors, like an orthopedic surgeon, they work with feet, or an oral surgeon, who work with the mouth. Another similarity to a doctor is a nurse practitioner. They do many of the same tasks, like performing minor surges, fixing broken bones, or simply giving a routine check up…. ;

The Presence Shortage of School Nurses Harming Our Children’s Wellness

– Have you ever noticed the constant absence of nurses at your school. It seems like every time you need to go to the nurse, one is not there. That fact has led to my investigation of the effects of school nurse absences on most K-12 campuses. Many children have died from not receiving care as a result of an absent nurse. Although it is true that school nurses are divided between schools (1,185 students for every school nurse in NC), every school needs a nurse (Healthy Children Learn Better). Most accidents relating student injuries can be avoided with the daily presence of a school nurse in every single school…. ;

A Career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

– … Because of the affordable coverage, more people then requested the need to have primary care, and because there were not enough doctors to go around to everyone that could afford the care, the nurses felt that they could take on the important responsibility. The training program for the nurse practitioners, developed by Nurse Loretta Ford and Doctor Henry Silver, was based on the well being of children and their families. The growing interest for primary care, according to Ford, was one of the reasons for the creation of Nurse Practitioners.(O’Brien) Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are much like Pediatricians they care for children from infancy to young adulthood, except Practitioners are… ;