Chemist Essay

Chemist Essay

A Chemist

– A Chemist Becoming a chemist takes a lot of hard work and discipline. One very importan aspect of being a chemist is English, Comunication is of the utter most importance (Murphy). As well as having good communication skills, you also need a lot of patience. However, there are many other qualities you will need such as an excellent learning ability and mathematical skills. You will also need to be able to preceive concepts or objects. Once you get into college you need to know what kind of degree to get in order to have a fulfilling and successful career….  

Louis Pasteur: An Amazing Chemist

– … Pasteur proved this as he boiled broth in a flask with a curved neck. He let the flask sit there for a year or so, and found that there still were not any microorganisms in the broth. Then, he broke off the curved neck of the flask and the broth eventually became full of microorganisms, bacteria, and germs. Louis Pasteur made several discoveries that have been very beneficial for the common people. Louis Pasteur discovered that milk soured from fermentation and that he could prevent it with Pasteurization….  

Chemist John Dalton: Colorblindness

– “Colorblindness” is a term that would have one believe its sufferers only see in monochrome, but in all truth it describes an umbrella of conditions ranging from having trouble with recognizing differences between some colors (red and green are common) and total, actual inability to see in colors. Though the disease is relatively rare, and its effects are harmless, research has been ongoing since the 18th century. According to, chemist John Dalton pioneered the study of colorblindness as he himself was affected, and naturally he wanted to know why he couldn’t see colors like others did….  

Louis Pasteur, The Most Famous French Chemist

– ??Louis Pasteur, the most famous French chemist in the world, was born on December 27, 1822 and passed away on September 28,1895. He said: “There does not exist a category of science to which one can give the name applied science. There are science and the applications of science, bound together as the fruit of the tree which bears it”, which showed his ideal method for science. In this quote, he admitted that theoretical science and applied science have to go together and his whole scientific life went on this way….  

Analytical Chemists and Chemical Compounds

– … This works because electrons in atoms can only exist in particular energy levels. An electron moves from a lower to a higher energy level by absorbing electromagnetic radiation. An electron will also emit radiation as it drops from a higher energy level to a lower one. Each element’s electrons emits and absorbs specific frequencies of radiation and it is this that allows individual elements to be determined, even when other elements are present. AAS is able to measure extremely small concentrations of elements, such as parts per million (ppm) and occasionally parts per billion (ppb)…. ;