Chemical engineer Essay

Chemical engineer Essay

The Chemical Corps Regiment

– The Chemical Corps Regiment The US Army Chemical Corps history began back in World War I as the Chemical Warfare Service. World War I came to be known as the “Chemists War” because of the first uses of chemical warfare agents (Fitzgerald, 2008). The use of chemical agents by Germany was said to have been initiated by the necessity of war fighters to develop new war strategies to offset trench warfare. German armies were complacent with trench warfare and could no longer rely on this method to ensure victory (Blodgett, 2009)….  

Evolution of the Engineer in Combat

– This paper discusses the various roles of Engineers throughout the history of warfare. Upon reading, you will see the transition from non-combatants that used tools to build and construct fortifications, to full combat soldiers capable of fighting just as well as they could build. The periods covered are: the Roman era, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I & II, the Vietnam War, and the Global War on Terrorism (Iraq & Afghanistan). When discussing each period, I focused on newly developed tasks or skills that were necessary for that particular conflict….  

Statement of Purpose for Chemical Engineering

– Ever since I began studying science and mathematics at all levels of educations I have always had an interest in the production of useful materials. In the growing turmoil of today; a world full of global warming and diminishing resources, questions often arise in my mind such as, “can we make a more efficient, more durable and a renewable resource that will overshadow fossil fuels. and have less of an impact on our environment?” Up to now, I have not found a solution to these questions and answering these questions is a personal aspiration of mine which I aim to fulfil by achieving a degree in Chemical engineering and eventually I will contribute to the field in my own unique way….  

Personal Statement on Chemical Engineering

– … It is for this reason that I want to study chemical engineering. I find the subject to be exciting because of the questions that often arise such as, “How can we make this product more economically viable and safe for day to day use?” finding answers to questions like these has greatly increased my enthusiasm for chemical engineering. The range of scientific technicalities inherent in the profession has inspired me to wanting to contribute to the field in my own unique way. I currently take A-levels in: Maths, Chemistry and Physics all of which test my abilities as a student of science….  

The U.S. Chemical Corps

– After the early German Employment of gas warfare for the duration of WWI at Ypres in Belgium on 22 April 1915, technological and physiological research in gas warfare was conducted in Britain by exceptional scientists called Fritz Haber, who was the reponsable for the development of poison gases for Germany during World War I, also hee was the responsabible for developing the crucial process for extractingnitrates from the atmosphere. In the United States the war department by the fall of 1915 began to show an interest in providing troops with protection against gas and assigned responsibility for the design and development of respirators to the Medical department which resulted in the rapid…