Charge nurse Essay

Charge nurse Essay

Charge Nurse

– To date there has been limited research on charge nurse competencies, job satisfaction, and development. Additionally, there are no validated instruments to measure these constructs as they relate to charge nurses. Charge nurses are usually not in a defined permanent charge nurse role as delineated by a job description, but rather rotate through if assigned for their shift (Krugman & Smith, 2003). Additionally, many charge nurses enter their role through default (because they are the most experienced or tenured on their shift) and without formal training (Sherman, 2005)….  

A Qualitative Study of Charge Nurse Competencies

– There have been relatively few informative studies examining what to look for in an effective Charge Nurse. The occupation of Charge Nurse is exhibited by effective leadership and is tantamount to the successful running of a Nursing Unit. It is well-known that successful nursing leaders have the ability to think on their feet, while effortlessly solving day-to-day problems. Their duties combine administrative, educational, along with clinical expertise. The qualitative research study that was examined in this article uses grounded theory to determine what makes a good charge by using the experiences and observations of staff nurses, charge nurses along with nurses in upper management along w…  

The Importance of Implementing a Charge Nurse Development Program

– In today’s health care structure with the nursing shortage organizations are using charge nurses as gate-keepers to manage the day-to-day operation of the organization. According to Platt & Foster (2008) the charge nurse role is pivotal to the provision of high-quality care and effective charge management. However, many nurses are promoted to the role with no formal management preparation, or leadership skills, the may be apprehensive and in some cases reluctant to manage. Sherman (2005) suggested that providing a formal and structured educational program would improve leadership skills and confidence, resulting in less frustration and greater satisfaction for staff assuming the charge nurse… ;

A Nurse with the Most Knowledge and Skill is an Advanced Practice Nurse

– … Through my course of study I have been able to study past nursing theories and research in order to formulate a plan that is evidence based and best for my patient. While working with critically ill patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) I have been able to take the knowledge gained from research and incorporate it into planning care for my patient. When educating a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes on the importance of regular exercise and a modified diet in order to manage his disease I found it essential to gather an assessment on his living situation…. ;

The Role of the AD Nurse

– … As a provider of care the AD nurse must assess a patient’s health status, gather medical history, plan, coordinate, and implement care. The nurse will use continual assessment and evaluation in order to ensure the best outcome for the patient. The AD nurse must develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to effectively treat and provide advocacy. During my clinical rotation I was able to implement many of these steps. I provided daily physical assessments, took vital signs, implemented hygiene care, fed patients, re-positioned patients and changed bed linens…. ;