Ceramicist Essay

Ceramicist Essay

Igor Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso

– Igor Stravinsky was born in Oranienbaum, Russia and lived from June 1882 to April 1971. His father was the leading bass singer at the Imperial Opera and his mother was a pianist. Although his parents wanted him to stray away from their path and study law, Stravinsky studied music at the University of St. Petersburg. His fame began in 1909 when Serge Diaghilev asked him to write a score for The Firebird for the Paris-based Ballet Russes. The next year he wrote the ballet, Petrushka. His next piece, The Rite of Spring, almost created a riot when first premiered, but a year later, when presented, it was considered to be a masterpiece….  

Trauma and Recovery in Art

– Leonardo DiVinci’s figure drawings and anatomical sketches interest me. His exploration of ideas and exhausting research inspired my practice. As I have continued with my own exploration, I have expanded my research to include ideas from philosophy and science as well as art. The contemporary philosopher, Susan J. Brison has been a great influence in my practice. One quote that has inspired much of my work comes from her book, Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self. She said, “We are our molecules; our deepest fears, joys, and desires are embodied in the chemical signals of our neurotransmitters…. ;

Research Project: Las Meninas Paintings

– Research Project: Las Meninas Paintings Velazquez first painted Las Meninas in 1656 as a portrait for the king of Spain. Many other artists have attempted to recreate or make their own rendition of the subject. Pablo Picasso made a series of 55 paintings pertaining to the same subject of Las Meninas. regarded as one of the most influential paintings, many artists have taken inspiration form this monumental work. One of my first cultural awakenings happened when I was 10. In the summer entering fifth grade, my parents took us on a trip to Spain…. ;

Yearly Outline of Communication Design

– … Ridley Scott also known as Sir Ridley Scott was a English film director and producer. He is said to be known for his atmospheric, highly focused visual style, which have been know to have inspired many directors. His films are said to have a wide range in setting and period, they often showcase memorable imagery of urban environments, whether 2nd century Rome, 12th century Jerusalem, contemporary Osaka or Mogadishu. Ridley was born on 30th November 1937 in South Shields. He was said to have been raised in an army family…. ;

Six Degrees Of Enlightenment

– Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on Oct. 25, 1881 and died in Mougins, France on Apr. 8, 1973. Picasso was a painter, sculptor, print-maker, ceramicist, and stage designer. Pablo Picasso and Georges Barque co-founded Cubism together. Picasso’s two famous paintings were Guernica and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. He was even considered to be one of the greatest and influential artists of the 20th century.(“Pablo Picasso.” 2011. Biography.com. 30 May 2011, 06:10 http://www.biography.com/articles/Pablo-Picasso-9440021.) Gertrude Stein was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania on Feb….