Cashier Essay

Cashier Essay

My Work Experience at Better Value

– I was sixteen years old. I was in high school. I already was working full time after school and on weekends at Dunkin Donuts. I decided that I wanted to take on another job. I applied at a local grocery store named Better Value. Better Value was a small chain of grocery stores located throughout the surrounding towns that I grew up in. I can recall going shopping at an A & P when I was younger; Better Value was a similar style store, in fact some of the Better Value grocery stores had occupied buildings that A & P previously occupied years before….  

Electronic Self-checkout System

– A number of empirical studies have concluded that a customer’s attribution of the cause of a delay significantly affects its emotional consequences (see Taylor, 1994; Tom and Lucey, 1995). According to these investigations, customers are more unsatisfied with longer than expected waits caused by difficulties that the store could have remedied (e.g. inefficient checkout personnel, understaffing, failure to provide express checkouts) than with delays due to external factors such as random variations in store crowding, till breakdowns, the time of day (some periods are inevitably busier than others) or the presence of customers with large amounts of shopping….  

Memory: A Narrative Fiction

– It all started with a something so simple as a sandwich. A small, hole-in-the-wall, stop-and-go-slash-sub-shop that served the best sandwiches I’d ever eaten. Of course, that wasn’t its real purpose. The store was a quick-stop place, a mini-mart, if you will. You could pick up milk on the way home, or, if you fancied a soda and candy for the road, that could be bought, too. I would always go for the sandwiches, though. When the camp that I volunteered at let out for lunch, releasing a long drawn breath as the children poured to the outdoor benches and had their food stolen by the local raccoons, I would walk down the street and around the corner to a place that you might not notice so easi…  

Running The Front End

– Running The Front End      Day after day, I work at Home Depot. I’ve worked at Home Depot for 6 months. My position there is a cashier. A few months have gone by and all I do is show up and do my job as a cashier. The cashiers have someone who runs the front end along with every register in the store, and that person is a head ashier. After what I see the head cashiers go through, I would never want to be a head cashier for the rest of my life.      After four and a half months of working, I am just getting the hang of it….  

The Benefits of a College Education in David Leonhardt’s Even for Cashiers College Pays Off

– … This is because college students receive a financial aid that reduces the tuition fees to about 2000 dollars. David explains the advantages of college education, which makes the article persuasive to the teenagers in high school. According to David, college education offers not only financial benefits but also makes the graduates happier and healthier than non-graduates do. With financial aid, the number of students joining college should increase. Persistence and discipline values that college education offers are more important than the education offered in college…. ;