Cartoonist Essay

Cartoonist Essay

Charles Schultz: A Famous Cartoonist

– Eight-teen thousand comics in 50 years sounds crazy and impossible, Right. Wrong, it’s not impossible it has been done before by a guy named Charles Monroe Schultz. Making Comics has been his dream and goal ever since he was a little kid. Charles Schultz was the son of Carl and Dena Schultz. He was born November 26, of 1922 in St. Paul Minnesota. Charles was not known by his real name he was commonly known by ‘Sparky” He was nicknamed that because one of his favorite comic strip characters Spark Plug….  

Cartoonist Charles Schulz

– Good grief, Charlie Brown. It can be said that only Charles Schulz could have created Peanuts. A depressed shy man with debilitating fears sought therapeutic help in the characters and events of the comic strip (Johnson A15). An eagerly religious Schulz said that all events in the strip have to be “authentic” and didactic (Hall 20). Peanuts has made readers laugh with mild wit that is created by children who are full of human weakness (Meier 1A). Berger describes Schulz as a quite shy person who represents the American dream….  

Daniel Clowes and His Interpretation of the Teenage Years

– Aiming at elder teenagers who are facing or have experienced the process of entering adulthood, the cartoonist Daniel Clowes illustrates the twisting feeling between resistances and attempts during the transition toward adulthood in his successful graphic novel Ghost World. In the story, the author characterizes the two protagonists Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer as rebellious and cynical; they aimlessly wander around the town and “their main activity, though, is mocking — with a callow conviction worthy of Holden Caulfield — the phoniness and hypocrisy that surrounds them….  

Brief Biography of the Poet Shel Silverstein

– … Silverstein continued his career with music then his next writing adventure tunrned out to be his most successful ( pg.1-4). His true calling was discovered with “Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back”, a children’s collection of poems ( In conclusion Silverstein died on May 10, 1999, from a heart attack in Key West, Florida( The diversity of Silverstein is exhibited in his large body of works. As a talented writer and artist, Silverstein was a poet, musician, and a cartoonist is a handful and on top of that being one of the best winning awards is very impressive….  

Honore Daumier, Satire and Exaggeration

– The United States was a country founded on the basis of freedom. Imagine living in a nation in which The First Amendment did not exist. Where there was not freedom of speech or press where censorship reigned with a king. This picture is that of France for the entirety of the nineteenth century. During this era, Honore Daumier was a renowned political and social cartoonist. The King and his police persecuted the lithographer Daumier, among numerous other French artists, for his political activism, including jail time and heavy fines….