Cacao beans cleaner Essay

Cacao beans cleaner Essay

The Columbian Exchange: Chocolate

– … By the mid-1600s, the drink made from the little brown beans had gained widespread popularity in France. In Europe, chocolate (as a drink) gained popularity as the production of the beans became more popular. More of the lower and middle class were able to afford it, and it was considered a great treat to have. In terms of economic impact, the cacao had been a boon for the Europeans. It was praised as a delicious, health-giving food enjoyed by the wealthy (McNeill, The Columbian Exchange). Starting from its native land of South America, the cacao plant had truly traveled a long way across the globe to impact other lands….  

Chocolate as an Anti-depressant

– … The chocolate that most American consumer is the one that scientist have not studies (Meyer). A 1.55-ounce bar of milk chocolate contains 235 calories. This amount is more than what normal snacks foods provide to the society. According to Brian Willett an American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer, has mentioned to society that chocolate has a rich flavor but not only because of the fat the chocolate has. The high sugar is what leads to having health problems. Each 1.55-ounce serving, or about one bar, contains 22.66 grams of sugar….  

The Cacao Tree and Chocolate

– … this drink was thought to be their cure for diarrhea, dysentery and to be an aphrodisiac. the aztecs believed that wisdom and power came from the fruit of the cacao tree. the cacao beans were used for currency, when aztecs would conquer tribes, they demanded to be payed in cocoa. records dating all the way back to 1200 C.E. show the details of cocoa delivery forced on all conquered tribes. later on, the cacao tree had spread during the age of colonialism, so did the cacao bean and so did chocolate itself….  

Jelly Beans Flavor

– Jelly Beans Do you have a favorite jelly bean flavor. There are so many different flavors of jelly beans, in fact their are over 100 different flavors of just Jelly Belly jelly beans. Studies show that most kids prefer the red jelly beans. Did you know that manufactures produce more than 16 billion jelly beans just for Easter. Jelly beans are such a popular candy that we celebrate a National Jelly Bean Day on April 22. Also, on October 15, 1999 the world’s largest jar of jelly beans was made, it weighed 6,050 pounds, that’s more than the average car…. ;

The Best Carpet Cleaner

– Although Resolve High Traffic Foam and Woolite Heavy Traffic Foam both claim to be the best carpet cleaner, there is quite a difference in the performance and health risks with each product. As a mother and pet owner, I had to find an effective and affordable carpet cleaner and needed to do so quickly. I went through many different cleaners claiming to be “The Best” when in fact, they were not. Not only does this become quite expensive, but also frustrating after trying the product only to find out it is not “The Best” carpet cleaner…. ;