Business manager Essay

Business manager Essay

Description of Business Manager Credentials

– What makes a great manager. “Despite differences in their personal attributes, successful managers all excel in making, honoring, and remaking of commitments” (Sull, 2005). Commitments take many forms from capital investments to personal decisions to public statements. A mangers commitment defines what a business can and cannot do as well as the businesse’s strengths and weaknesses (Sull, 2005). However, while all good managers should be able to make, honor, and remake commitments the type of certifications, degrees, license, and experience the person will need in order to successfully do these things will depend on what type of business the manager is running (large, small, selling products…  

Interview With a Business Manager

– Polycom was founded in December of 1990 and went public in 1996. Its global workforce is comprised of approximately 3200 employees. Revenues for 2010 were posted at $1.2 billion. Polycom prides itself in being “a global leader in unified communications (UC) solutions with industry-leading telepresence, video, voice and Polycom UC Intelligent Core™ infrastructure solutions—all built on open standards. Polycom’s vision and strategy is to enable UC Everywhere—allowing people to communicate and collaborate anywhere on multiple devices” (Polycom Corporate, 2011)…. ;

Business: The Manager-Employee Relationship

– Despite the increase in a reliance on technology, and other innovations, two factors continue to be the critical cornerstone for success for all firms: customers and employees. Typically, focus is placed in large part on the customer, for without customers, how can firms expect to make a profit. Yet it is the employee of a firm that is actually engaged with the customer, providing them with a desired service or product. Furthermore, employees engage in the mundane everyday tasks that keep a firm operating efficiently…. ;

Functional Areas of Business: The Role of the Manager

– Functional Areas of Business: The Role of the Manager Organizations come in different sizes. A small business can function with one or two people completing all the tasks and making all of the decisions. However, if an organization increases in size and business activity, one or two people will need a team of people so the business can function properly. The structure of the business will have to change to accommodate the increasing operations and demands. The changing structure of the company will lead to functional areas, which will allow the business leaders to delegate responsibilities based on grouped activities…. ;

The Business Manager/Director of Education Wears Many Hats

– … As a business manager/director one must ensure that all staff are paid on the correct scale and spine point in consultation with the superintendent and to provide appropriate information on pay to staff, the Governing Body and to be the first point of contact for all staff at the school on pay and contract related issues, Liaising with Personnel and Payroll as necessary. When it is time for principals, directors and the superintendent to receive financial information about the school and district budget, they are issued a report at the end of each month called an expenditure report…. ;