Business intelligence manager Essay

Business intelligence manager Essay

The Power of Business Intelligence

– Introduction As the business environment changes and becomes more complicated, enterprises are under huge stress to respond and be innovative to such conditions. Enterprises decision making needs to quick and strategic and so making such decisions can be very complex. What this report of Business intelligence (BI) will describe is the tools available to manager to support such decisions, the possible benefits and the limitations of BI. (Turban et al., 2011) Turban et al., (2011, p. 28) describes business intelligence (BI) as ‘an umbrella term that combines architectures, tools, databases, analytical tools, applications, and methodologies….  

Business Intelligence

– Introduction The dynamics of our society bring many challenges and opportunities to the business world. Within the last decade, hundreds of jobs have emerged particularly in the technology sector to help keep up with the ever-changing world and to compete on a larger and better scale than the competition. Two key job markets and the basis of this research paper are business intelligence or BI and data mining or DM. These two fields play a very important role in small to large companies and are becoming higher desired sectors within the back offices of the workplace….  

Business Intelligence and Stakeholders

– … What Pant is saying here is that by taking into consideration the opinions, thoughts and ideas of stakeholders, it will allow businesses to develop and maintain a more sustainable BI strategy – it is forming the “foundation” (Pant, 2009) of what is essentially an effective BI strategy. Another point that Pant makes within this article is that stakeholders help “enterprise make better business decisions” (Pant, 2009). Making better and more effective decisions is vital in a business setting. Further reinforcing this point is the “How to create a Business Intelligence Strategy” article (Garrett, 2012), stating that stakeholder management is one such method to help identify key consumers, t…  

Emotional Intelligence and Relationships in Business Management

– Emotional Intelligence and Relationships in Business Management ?§Anyone can become angry ?V that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way ?V this is not easy.?? ~ By Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics ~ Traditionally, management were only interested on return on investment (ROI) and shareholder value, not the neurobiology of emotions doing business. However, in modern days, there is probably nothing as important as having good human relationships in the workplace….  

Importance of Emotional Intelligence for a Leader in Today’s Business Consultancy Industry

– Emotional Intelligence is said to be necessary to move beyond middle management, therefore it must be an essential soft skill for senior management (Chynoweth, 2009). Modern companies, such as Deloitte have taken a keen interest in EQ, and it has quickly become more apparent in managerial literature (Vigoda-Gadot & Meisler, 2010) for its potential of developing employees and helping them “reach the next level”. EQ theories and models were originally developed in the 70s and 80s by psychologists Howard Gardner, Peter Salovey and John Mayer, however it was with Goleman’s 1995 book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ that it rose to prominence….