Business developer Essay

Business developer Essay

Mobile Application Developer

– Platforms consist of operating systems. A mobile operating system is the software that controls all basic operations. It allows for the installation and execution of apps. Operating systems often have toolkits that allow for the applications to communicate with each other. Android OS is the largest operating system. Android OS uses an open source operating system under Google. While the core operating system is open, other parts are licensed. An Android trademark cannot be used unless it is certified by Google against the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) (Healey, 2014, Chapter 6, p….  

Ubisolf, a multinational Video-Game Developer

– Ubisoft is a multinational video-game developer and it’s headquarter is in Montreuil, France. The Guillemot family founded Ubisoft in March of 1986. Yves Guillemot, the chairman and the CEO, soon after made deals with MicroProse, Sierra On-Line and Electronic Arts to start distributing their games in France. The first game that was developed internally by Ubisoft was released in 1989 by the name of Zombi. By the end of the decade Ubisoft expanded worldwide. Ubisoft spread over 19 countries with 29 companies and it also has subsidiaries in 26 countries….  

Launching a Successful Digital Mobile Business

– Introduction Since I was a child the idea of being a business owner has been a dream of mine. I never knew the requirements of starting, running or growing a business; however, I knew I needed to design a product to sell. In the 6th grade I approached my parents and told them when I grow up I want to own a business. I vividly remember my Father laughing while my Mother smiled and told me that it took a lot of work, time and experience to own and run a business. I decided to do some research, getting on the family computer I found out that a popular way to develop a business was to learn computer programming and write software….  

The Cultural Challenges Of Doing Business Overseas

– Steve Kafka was born and raised in the United States. He is a successful businessperson in the United States. He is a franchisor for Chicago Style Pizza, overcoming many difficulties to achieve this success. Steve is familiar with living, working and doing business in the United States, an open business economy and a very diverse culture. Doing business in Prague, Czech Republic is going to be different from doing business in Anytown, USA. Although Steve has knowledge of the Czech Republic’s culture, has he done is homework in regards to doing business in the Czech Republic…. ;

Statement of Purpose for Computer Science

– … An academic project I undertook, Crowdsourcing in Intelligent Transportation System or Crowd-ITS on the Android mobile platform, recorded crowd-sourced location data, I was enthralled how this information could be used to avoid traffic congestion and build better roads in urban areas. This project paved way for an employment opportunity with a start-up called ProAppSys Software. I am currently adding more features and securing the crowd-sourced information before releasing this application. At ProAppSys, I’ve also learnt web application development using SAP UI5, a recently introduced technology…. ;