Business consultant Essay

Business consultant Essay

Cynthia Robbins-Roth and the Biotechnology Industry

– … Robbins-Roth further explains the intricacies of financing a biotechnology venture, the necessity of efficient risk management, and the difficulty of selling an idea to non-scientist investors. The author recalls that in the nascent biotechnology industry, companies were “trying to be all things to all markets,” developing products for nickel mining, oil distillation, etc. Unfortunately, this ambition was the downfall of many of the earliest biotechnology startups. Such small businesses lacked the resources to become involved in such a wide array of applications and technologies….  

In House Computing to Internet, Cloud Based, Computing

– Introduction This paper will address some of the questions commonly raised by SMART Consultant customers in regards to converting from in house computing to internet, cloud based, computing using software as a service (SaaS). Furthermore it will provide the basic knowledge needed to perform an analysis of their business to determine if SaaS is an appropriate model. First we will review what software as a service is. The traditional model of procuring software and installing it on your local computer is called software as a product….  

The Role of the Management Consultant

– Introduction The review set out to discuss the statement “It is the consultant’s responsibility to facilitate client decision-making, not change the decisions the client would have made anyway” (Wickham and Wickham 2008). To do so, the review firstly outlines the client- consultant relationship and the consultant’s responsibility and role once they are hired, in light of the work of prominent authors like Appelbaum (2004), Calvert (2005) and O’Mahoney (2010). Then, the review analyses the client’s decision-making processes and consultant’s role in it, with help of authors like Wickham and Wickham (2008), Schein (1997) and Turner (1982)….  


– CENTRAL ARKANSAS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Business Intelligence (BI), what is it. Why is BI important to the small business owner. More importantly, why is should a small business hire someone to help analyze their “data”. What can a consultant know about a Used Car Dealership, Fast Food restaurant, or a Law Office. That question while relevant is not a question that will be answer within this proposal. This proposal will focus on how Central Arkansas Business Intelligence, through “Data Analysis” and “BI Tools” can and will help any business, small or large, in Central Arkansas become a “Data Aware” business….  

SWOT Analysis: Business Solutions Consulting

– How far is my company away from failure. This is one of the questions that SWOT begs to answer. In writing about SWOT analysis, John Bryson quotes Sun Tzu, from the Art of War: So it is said that if you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know others but do know yourself, you win one and lose one; if you do not know others and do not know yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. (Bryson, 1995, pg 82) The SWOT analysis has been considered by some as a dated management fad….