Bulk filler Essay

Bulk filler Essay

Solid Bulk Cargoes

– “CARRYING SOLID BULK CARGOES INVOLVES SERIOUS RISKS, WHICH MUST BE MANAGED CAREFULLY TO SAFEGUARD THE CREW AND SHIP” (LLOYD’S REGISTER) What are solid bulk cargoes and bulk cargo carriers. Solid bulk cargoes are commodity cargoes that are transported in large quantities and are directly into the ship without any form of containment. Examples of these cargoes are mixed mass commodities like ore, cement, coal grain, fertilizers, dry edibles and wood chips that are carried loosely and are normally loaded and unloaded by either, shovelling, pumping, or scooping….  

Cyber Security and Surveillance: Bulk Data and Metdata

– Subject: Cyber Security and Surveillance: Bulk Data/Metadata Summary: The recent leaks, disclosures, and actions of government agencies – namely the National Security Administration (NSA) – have caught the public’s attention and focused it on the protection of privacy and civil liberties. The NSA participates in a bulk data collection program that has accumulated phone data over the past five years in order to track persons suspected of threat to the nation. This collection of mass data without issued warrants violates the Fourth Amendment and brings the potential abuses with this program into view….  

How Transportation Costs Affect Trade

– The transportation costs affect the volume of trade in terms of the different quality or value to weight ratio of products. The transportation costs make up larger share in the price of low-quality products, so that an increase in the transportation cost will raise the price of low-quality goods proportionately than high-quality goods. And thus, consumers in the export markets tend to switch to high-quality goods, which has relatively constant price. Similarly, when we fixed the weight of both high and low value to weight ratio goods, the transportation costs will make up large share in the price of low value goods….  

Nano Crystaline Magnetic Materials

– … Many research groups have studied the effect of various doping substitutions in the NiCuZn ferrite matrix to upgrade their structural, electrical and magnetic properties. Effect of Mn doping on the microstructures and initial permeability was investigated by Xiaohui Wang et al [13]. The results of the investigation showed that the substitution of Mn substitution into NiCuZn ferrite has a great influence on electromagnetic properties. The initial permeability of NiCuZn ferrite increases greatly with small amount of Mn addition initially and then further increase of Mn content leads to a decrease in the initial permeability….  

What?s Borehole Mining?

– Borehole mining (BHM) is a process that incorporates a high pressure waterjet cutting system and a down-hole slurry pumping system through a single borehole drilled from the surface into the mineralized rock. The waterjet cuts the material resulting the slurry flows into an eductor pump near the base of the tool and pumped out to the surface. A cavity will be created as a consequence of this excavation process [2]. Understanding the relationship between the cavity stability and the operational parameters is critical in designing any borehole mining system….