Bricklayer Essay

Bricklayer Essay

A Career As A Bricklayer

– A good career for me would be a bricklayer. Bricklayers make a lot of money but it’s also a lot of work. It’s a job that most people wouldn’t necessarily enjoy but on the other hand you would make a lot of money, about $14-$18 an hour. (WOIS p ) A quote from my sister who works at Big Kmart is, “People work at jobs they don’t enjoy just so they can make a lot of money.” I think I could do the job well. Three reasons I think I could do the job well are, I’m a good worker, I have a lot of energy, and I know a lot about bricks….  

Thomas Kyd and William Shakespeare

– … In 1593, he was arrested and tortured to turn evidence against his friend and roommate, Christopher Marlowe. After Marlowe was murdered, he was released; but never regained his notoriety, later dying in poverty in 1594. Ben Jonson Jonson was not as lucky in his upraising as those before him, beginning before his birth in 1572. His father, a Protestant clergyman, died a month prior, having been a prisoner and deprived of estate by Mary Tudor. His mother married a bricklayer, having been left penniless….  

The Elizabethan Age

– … The poor would stand in front of the stage which would normally be raised about 4 to 6 feet and the theater could hold on average 3,000 people (Trumbull). The rich however usually watched plays in indoor private theaters, but sometimes would watch the plays in the outdoor public ones. Performances would regularly occur six days out of the week, and there were anywhere from two to four theaters operating in London at once (Haigh). Each day there was a performance, they would raise a flag to signify the type of play being performed that day (Trumbull)….  

Cultural Revolution of Europe

– … He comes from a line of Anglo-Scottish border people, who historically have had trouble with the English since the beginning of time. Johnson’s father was a clergyman who died in his early childhood and as a result of this, his mother eventually remarried to a master bricklayer or mason in today’s terms. Jonson attend school first at St. Martin’s Lane, one of London’s most prestigious secondary schools. He later went on to attend Westminster School—here is where he met historian William Camden….  

Cheaper by the Dozen

– Cheaper by the Dozen “ Cheaper by the Dozen”, based on a real-life story of the Gilbreth family, is a fantastic book. This hilarious comedy about a family with a dozen children kept me in stitches until the end. This family, run like a well oiled machine, took me on Sunday rides through the country, battles in the family court, summers at the sea, Father’s theories on motion study, and the economic removal of the whole families tonsils. I loved it. I find it truly amazing. Not only did the family boast twelve children, but they all learned to speak foreign languages, touch typing, mental arithmetic, and even Morse Code- all because their father worked out dozens of ingenious ways to motivat…