Bouncer doorman Essay

Bouncer doorman Essay

Relationship between Doormen and Tenants

– … There is an indelible mindset influenced by social standards that when an individual works for another person, especially for monetary pay, the inherent assumption is an inferior-superior relationship. At the same time, however, the physical closeness and the constant interactions the individuals have with each other clash with those instinctive feelings and so there is an incessant battle between one’s internal attitudes and external aspects which in the end results in dissonance. Getting the job of being a doorman is difficult in reality, yet most doormen say they got their jobs fairly easily….  

Langston Hughes- Poet

– John Christopher once said, “In the realm of dream and imagination, all men are equal.” Langston Hughes was a man that had this simple dream. He wrote constantly of a hope that someday blacks wouldn’t be mistreated but be equal with whites. Almost all of his poetry had this common theme, especially, “Ku Klux”, “The Bitter River”, and “Let America be America Again”. Langston Hughes focused on dreams in his poetry in hopes of bringing his dream of bringing harmonious relations between blacks and whites to reality….  

Bouncers Contextualising the Play

– Bouncers Contextualising the Play John Godber was born the son of a miner in Upton, West Yorkshire in 1956. He became a very successful playwright with popular plays such as ‘On the Piste’ and ‘Up n’ Under’ and TV shows like Grange Hill and Brookside. He is known most for his comedy but he has shown in a number of his productions that he includes seriousness alongside comedy for optimum effect. His plays are performed all over the world and have won many awards including five at the Edinburgh fringe festival….  

Senseless Fears in the Film V Vendetta and Short Story Doughnut Shops and Doormen

– … There is no room in my life for reality, only Chris” (289). Chris imposes Amy’s negative perception of reality because she fears losing him, although she doesn’t actually have him. In a “normal” friendship/relationship, we have concerns for our friend’s addictions. They cause us to give interventions, and seek help that our friend typically doesn’t want. Amy’s consistent attachment to an unobtainable person has caused her to have a social phobia. On a similar note, V for Vendetta illustrates a country ran by overuse of a fear injecting slogan….  

Bouncers is regarded as Godbers finest work.

– Bouncers is regarded as Godbers finest work. As a political play, we see Bouncers as being successful in being published during the time drinking was a British culture., where it was done so much. Obviously, like nowadays, the government wanted to show that was a big problem. Godbers comedy in the play shows a much more funny side to the subject whilst also showing the typical ways of what the young people during that time did. He shows the funny side of the way in which young people act whilst also showing a more serious subject in suggesting that drink is changing the nation….