Book editor Essay

Book editor Essay

Statement of Purpose to become an Editor in the Field of Publishing

– … Book editors who edit texts specific to a certain field, such as medical texts, may want to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in a science field, rather than say, English. Work experience in a related occupation may also be helpful. An editor may have previously been an editorial assistant, writer, or reporter. Knowledge of the use of computer technology and communications equipment will also be necessary in order to contact authors and to work on specific projects. ( Extra background experience would include experience working for the high school or college paper or obtaining an internship through a newspaper or magazine business, where interns may write stories, conduct research and i…  

Max Perkins: Editor of Genius

– Max Perkins: Editor of Genius Max Perkins once wrote to Thomas Wolfe that “[t]here could be nothing so important as a book can be.” Perkins lived and died believing this, as A. Scott Berg attests with his book, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. Berg’s book begins by describing a rainy evening in mid-Manhattan where a class of budding editors and publishers awaits the infamous Maxwell Perkins for a discussion on editing. Here Berg reveals Perkins as “unlikely for his profession: he was a terrible speller, his punctuation was idiosyncratic,” and he was an awfully slow reader by his own admission (4)…. ;

Reflections from the Yearbook Editor

– … Throughout the year, Yearbook had complications, but we, as a whole, pulled through. With the stress of work piling up, we had to get everything finished. Everything included the illustrator pages, inserting names, inserting images, fonts, and more. In my best opinion, half of the class finished ahead of time, which helped in the long run. Those who finished, were given the task of helping the rest of the group, which made our jobs easier. Connie and Jacci helped me with correcting errors. I knew that I might skim over a few errors, minor or major, so I asked them to assist me…. ;

Book Review of Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down

– Book Review of Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down Title: Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down Publisher: Cliff Street Books Place of Publication: New York Year of Publication: 2000 Number of Pages: 336 Price of the Book: Price ranges from $ .46 to $23 depending if the book is new, used, hard cover, paperback, or collectible. The book “Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down” talks about conflict management…. ;

In the Jaws of History Book Review

– The aim of this book by Bui Diem with David Chanoff is to present the Vietnam War told from a South Vietnamese perspective. The large-scale scope of the work concerns the fighting between North and South Vietnam over which party would run the country and wanting to become an independent state free from the Western powers. Diem’s memoir contains in-depth details about his life and politics in Vietnam in 1940-1975. The book serves as a primary source in documenting the events in Vietnam during the war and as an autobiography of Diem’s life…. ;