Blaster Essay

Blaster Essay

Comparing Violence in Kane’s Blasted, Bond’s Lear and Pinter’s The Homecoming

– Displays of Violence in Kane’s Blasted, Bond’s Lear and Pinter’s The Homecoming In Sarah Kane’s Blasted, a woman and a man are raped on stage, eyeballs and dead babies are consumed and a man shoots himself through the head. In Edward Bond’s Lear, several men and women are shot, a man is severly beaten and another is blinded, and the body of a woman is disected on stage. Both Kane and Bond claim that the use of violence on stage is vital for the message they want to get across. Harold Pinter, however, seems to deliver the same message by referring to violence without actually displaying it on stage….  

Blister Agents: A Chemical Warfare Agents

– The use of Blister agents has been known for more than 150 years. Blister agents are the largely common Chemical warfare agents and are also known as vesicants. There are five known vesicants, which are, Sulfur Mustard (HD), Nitrogen Mustard (HN), Lewisite (L), Lewisite Mixture (HL), and Phosgene Oxime (CX). The two most know vesicants consist of Sulfur mustard, also known as Mustard gas, and Lewisite. It was once stated that, Sulfur mustard was the most commonly Blister agent associated with warfare and was in fact, the major cause of chemical casualties during World War I even though it was only used during the last year of the War….  

The State of Being ‘Human’ in Kane’s Blasted

– “I’ve only ever written to escape from hell-and it’s never worked-but at the other end of it when you sit there and watch something and think that’s the most perfect expression of the hell that I felt then maybe it was worth it. (Sarah Kane, Royal Holloway College, London, 3 November 1998).” (Saunders. 2002: 1). Both representative and reflected in this statement made by the British playwright Sarah Kane (1971-1999) (Sierz. 2001: 90-91) is the state of being human. In its literal sense the state of being human could be illustrated as an expression of existence…. ;

A Life-Threatening Disease Causing Infants to Blister, Epidermolysis Bullosa

– … Symptoms of this disorder are mainly shown through blisters that form as an infant. There are many different variations of the symptoms. Sometimes the blisters are mild and show only on the skin. If this happens the blisters aren’t awful. One who has this condition would need to avoid rough clothing and make sure that the skin moistened. A problem that could occur during a blister outbreak is to avoid infection to the blisters. If blisters become infected it will be easy to tell. If the blisters have pus by them or a fever the best thing to do is to take antibiotics to reduce bacterial growth…. ;

Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright’s Road and Kane’s Blasted

– Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright’s Road and Kane’s Blasted      In this essay I shall concentrate on the plays ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright and ‘Blasted’ by Sarah Kane with specific reference to use of language and structure of dialogue as examples of dramatic techniques.   My explanation of dramatic techniques is perhaps akin to Brecht’s opinion regarding this theme:   ‘…The strong centralisation of the story, a momentum that draws the separate parts into a common relationship.  A particular passion of utterance, a certain emphasis on the class of forces are hallmarks of the dramatic.’ (Brecht:p70)   Here we can perhaps see the way in which Brecht explains the ai…