Biotechnologist Essay

Biotechnologist Essay

Why I Want to Be a Biotechnologist

– … Initially he did not have enough funds to live with his family in Arabian state, then few years later we started living together in Saudi Arabia and eventually I have to travel back to my country to continue my studies after Secondary School (matriculation). I had to live on my own and away from my family, though it was a tough time for me, but it had enabled me to countenance hardships, boost up my self-confidence, to be persistence in my work despite of all circumstances. The end of freshman year in bachelors was accompanied by 2 months internship in WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) giving me deep insight into the environmental problems faced by the people of Pakistan as well as the by…  

Importance of GMMs in Malaysia

– Many of Malaysia citizens still do not familiar with LMO. According to a survey review by Carpenter (2010), it showed that the third world country such as India produced 150% yield improvement of Bt cotton from 2005 to 2006 and 2007 to 2008 which benefits the farmers. This result shows a positive impact in economic performance, by means improving yield would increases the economic gain and solve financial problems for poor country by reducing handling and labor works, and equipment cost. In US, the plantation of GM glyposate-tolerance soybean is advantageous over conventional soybean crop in term of shorter time and lower cost needed (Carpenter, 2010)….  

How Much Is Technology Overtaking Us?

– Ever since the invention of technology, our world had been getting more advanced quicker. By doing this we are losing some of our concepts such as unselfishness. Our desire to want and need has been funding the way our society works. We now need calculators to do simple math, we need Facebook and Twitter instead of actually communication, or how we need to alter our unborn children so they could be as we desire. And our wonderful IPhones, Galaxies, or any other type of smart phones are just distractions to our minds….  

The Invisible Emperors: The Benefits of Bacteria

– The Invisible Emperors talked about some of the misconceptions and new findings about bacteria. It first talked about how we always think that bacteria is bad for us, and how we relate it to sickness. Following this, it mentions how scientists have new tools that allow them to see the DNA of micro-organisms, and how this could someday be a cure for cancer. Among other things, like replicating DNA using bacteria, they mention how it is becoming a very vast and almost limitless field. Following some statistical facts, they talk about how they can now take the DNA and figure out what microbial produced it….  

The Role of Leaders in Companie’s Fate

– In turbulent financial times like these, the quality of leadership in companies is of utmost importance. Leaders play a great role in determining the fate of companies. They are like captains steering their ships in the middle of a storm at sea. In the case of Monsanto, Hugh Grant has been that captain. He has managed to turn around a controversial company into one of the most respected agricultural biotechnology companies in the world. This term paper seeks to bisect and dissect his leadership style to understand the reasons behind the success of Monsanto…. ;