Biologist Essay

Biologist Essay

The Biologist

– Ninety five percent of fifth graders know about the Mocomic trench and eighty percent of their insults to other school aged children involve the Mocomic trench and the issue of a person’s weight. The Mocomic trench runs its stretch across the bottom of the Pacific and is mainly noted for its numbers, both pressures and depth. It’s a star of a trench, the type of place with large enough figures to warrant inclusion in general knowledge fact books for people to awe. A research vessel, named Postal, floats above the great trench….  

I Want to Become a Wildlife Biologist

– … I meet all the admission requirements and I am really focused on attending that university (, 2014). After graduating I’m going to apply for a job at the Nowata wildlife department of wildlife department for a wildlife biologist position. I am applying to the Nowata Department of Wildlife so I can stay close to home and my family. If not hired at Nowata I would apply to Elk City Wildlife Department. Then if accepted I would begin being trained by a senor wildlife biologist. The senor officer would help me and advise me if I ever needed help….  

I Want to Become a Marine Biologist

– … This subject has never, and never will lose my interest. As I’ve researched, marine biologists must achieve at certain skills, such as: public speaking, science, critical thinking, reading comprehension and active listening. I succeed very well in all of those skills, yes, some more than others; although, I’m working on it. I was reading online, and it said, “Marine biologists are usually curious and have a love of the outdoors, especially the ocean.” (Science Kids, 2014). I read that and it perfectly describes me, I’m very outgoing and I do, in fact, have a love for the outdoors, I am very curious, and I love animals…. ;

Why I Want to Become a Biologist

– Whenever asked what my favourite subject is, Biology has been, and will always be, my only answer. It was bewildering to compare my body to a machine working harmoniously. The digestive system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system are coordinating with each other right underneath my skin. Realising that the ‘blue lines’ visible beneath the flesh of my hands are actually veins carrying deoxygenated blood fueled my desire to know more about how my body functions. To me, it has always been about getting to know my self better…. ;

A Brief Look at Steve Jay Gould

– … This passion for science and the understanding of life followed him to high school. He was faced with the need to defend his belief of evolution when creationists challenged him (“World Biography”). Gould finished high school and went on to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder for one summer (“World Biography”). Then, Stephen attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio where he studied geology (Yoon, “Remembering Steve”). He graduated in 1963 and moved onto graduate school at Columbia University (“World Biography”)…. ;