Bioinformatics scientist Essay

Bioinformatics scientist Essay

Taking a Look at Bioinformatics

– Bioinformatics is the use of biology, mathematics, and computer science to answer biological questions. Through the use of biological databases, researchers are able to manage genetic information (Hodgman, French, & Westhead, 2010). A part that bioinformatics has is the lack of ethics being implemented in their studies. Bioethics, defined as the potential influence of life sciences in our society, using ethics, philosophy and societal observations (Bioethics, n.d). Relevant ethical questions, as well as the approach to education and teaching are the bio ethical concerns with bioinformatics….  

The Five Kingdom Classification System for Life

– … The improvement of the microscope has helped develop the two kingdom system into the five kingdom system it is today. DNA sequencing is a process used to determine the order of the nucleotides of a gene. Dna Sequencing has advanced extremely from almost a decade ago, due to the improvement of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the use of computer technologies to manage and analyse biological data. The improvement Bioinformatics has meant DNA sequencing has become much easier, faster and more cost effective….  

Bioinformatics: Questions and Answers

– Topic 1: Navigating and Understanding NCBI Database In a few sentences, explain why bioinformatics is such an important discipline for understanding gene structure and function. Bioinformatics is very update with the information about the gene structure and function. It can locate a gene within a sequence as well as predict the structure and or function of a particular gene. By applying bioinformatics to understand different biological processes, it allows a more global perspective in design, to test hypotheses about a gene or a protein and as well as allowing us the ability to take advantage of upcoming technology….  

What is Translational Bioinformatics?

– Translational bioinformatics is a newly emerging field of informatics which defines as the development and application of informatics methods to optimize the transformation of increasingly massive biomedical data into practicable knowledge and novel technologies which can improve human health and diseases. There is a tremendous progress in scientific discovery since the foundation of double helix structure. However, it has not translated much into practical health benefit and has become a rate-limiting step for clinical application….  

Bioinformatics Knowledge Management Systems

– … For the steps where KM can be made faster and easier through tools, we can implement that, but there are some steps like the creation of knowledge and the application of knowledge where it requires more than just a simple tool. However, some tools do fit into more than one category but the important thing is that we pick certain means to simplify the KM. The primary two steps that we can use tools for are the Organization & Storage and the Distribution & Sharing. The tools we will be looking at specifically are Reference Management Tools and Mind Mapping tools along with analyzing the sharing capabilities of each….