Bartender Essay

Bartender Essay

Alternate Universe in the Lost Treasure

– … So with a collective disheveled sigh the drunken group left together to stumble all the way home to their “loving” wives. The bartender couldn’t help but chuckle at the comedy that he sees everyday in his bar, he leaves the counter to close the door but just as he is about three steps from the door it opens. In walked a woman, though you wouldn’t really guess that at first, she had pale skin, puffy hair and wore clothes you would find on those that worked in a some high rise office. She had a slight grin on her face that was mirrored by the bartender who went back behind the counter and followed by the new customer who took a seat in front of it….  


– Bartending It was in the year 1999 when a Penn State College student named John Gayewski decided that he needed a way to, “make some money, do something fun, and you know, meet some women.” He was going to make his claim to fame and take what was his in the world of opportunity. So, early in the summer, John decided to enroll into a forty hour bartender’s course, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For the duration of the course, the instructors taught John the intricate methods to memorizing drinks, ways of earning better tips, how to set up your bar and how to clean up your bar….  

Who’s to Blame?

– What is a bartender. Merriam Webster states it’s a person who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar. Nowhere in the definition does it say, “Attend to behavior”, or, “Watch for drunken disorder.” “Bartenders are those that fill orders of patrons at a bar itself or are given a beverage order by a waiter or a waitress that he or she will pick up and serve to the patron.” (Benson, Beth). Being a bartender takes patience, and a great deal of responsibility. A job is a job no matter what the job is…. ;

What Are the Basics of Bartending?

– When it comes to bartending, there are a handful of basics that every beginner bartender will be expected to know. Every bartender that is either applying for a job, or just looking to serve at a local party should posses a solid grasp on the tools they will work with, as well as the technique’s that they will be putting into practice to ensure every beverage they serve is top quality. Once you have learned the basics of the trade, you will have a solid foundation on which you can continue learning the necessary skills of bartending….  

The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

– The Waste Land, a 434-line modernist poem by T.S. Eliot revolves around a world of what seems to be chaotic and dead, and led by a single protagonist. Throughout The Waste Land, there are many uses of symbolism with tarot cards, astrology, and especially the game of chess: The game of chess is such a meaningful symbol throughout the story, that metaphors are used to describe the situation and emotions of the characters throughout the poem by describing them as chess pieces and in check-mate situations….