Aviation communications and frequency coordination manager Essay

Aviation communications and frequency coordination manager Essay

The Advent of the Federal Aviation Administration in US

– According to renown historian Bilstein Roger, it is not clear when commercial air transport begun in the United States, but he traces it back to the era of hydrogen powered airplanes which operated between Oakland and Sanfransisco as early as 1913 (Freeman, n.d). In 1919, some milestones were made in the aviation industry when Lawson built the first ever multiengine airplane which was made specifically for passengers (Freeman, n.d). During this era of aviation, there was no any authority charged with the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the aviation industry since it was not a popular means of transport….  

Birth of Aviation

– For the past couple of centuries the idea of air transportation has grown by leaps and bounds. Around 1783 an inventor by the name of De Rozier came up with the idea of creating a balloon that could possibly carry people. His invention became popular and was made successful two months later by the Montgolfiers. The idea that people could travel by air was so inventive that other people began capitalizing on the movement. The next hundred years proved to be an evolution in air transportation with the creation of blimps, zeppelins, jet packs, helicopters, and finally airplanes….  

A Problem for the Aviation Industry

– Section 217: A Problem for the Aviation Industry On a cold February evening in 2009, just outside the city of Buffalo, New York, two pilots crashed a new aircraft on final approach to land into Buffalo Niagara International Airport. In an effort to prevent an accident of a similar nature from happening, the U.S. Congress passed H.R. 5900, the ‘Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act.’ This bill under Title II was aimed to enhance airline safety and in part prevent an accident of this nature from occurring again (U.S….  

Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits Used in Radio Frequency

– … Such an environmental permits radio signals to travel in a line-of-sight manner and be received as direct waves. Unfortunately, this model is oversimplification of practical propagation environments where the radiated wave comes in contact with solid objects that produce changes in its amplitude, phase, and direction of propagation. Even in the absence of solid objects, the radio signals strength decreases as the probation distance increases. The medium over which the radio wave travels has significant festivity, which means that when the radio wave comes in contact with it, the amplitude of the wave diminishes the further it travels, Since radio waves are propagated as space waves in t…  

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

– The innovation of the RFID chip or the Radio Frequency Identification has been a critical piece of technology that has been around since the early/mid 20th century (est 1938). Functions of a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system involves a tag and a reader. When scanned, the antenna within the tag picks up the radio wave and sends a response back to the reader. This technology is being used for both short range and also long range identification, in the short-range identification category, this innovation is used in practical applications like credit cards (pay wave, tap and go ect…), animal identification (domestic pets, farm animals)….