Automotive glass installer or repairer Essay

Automotive glass installer or repairer Essay

Automotive Body Repairer

– Automotive Body Repairer Auto body repairers Are highly skilled craftspeople who repair damaged automobile and truck bodies, restores body metal to the original contours, and replaces non-repairable body parts. I chose automotive body repairer for my report because I like to deal with cars and I enjoy performing hands-on activities. I like the hands-on and mechanical operation of this career. Automotive body repairer is in the Industrial and Engineering Iowa pathway. The National Employment and Outlook of this career is currently stable….  

Glass Industry: Exploring Indian Glass Industry and Its Impact on Indian Economy

– … Limitation of this term paper was that the secondary data was used which varies person to person. This research can be extended by someone else in a better way if primary data is collected. DATA ANALYSIS There are three main segments of Glass industry – Container glasses, Flat glass and others which includes The largest segment is container glass(55%) in the glass sector. Next largest segment is Flat glass(35%). Flat glass market is at @ 5473 TPD, Container glass stands at 9305 TPD and other glass @ 1,500TPD….  

The Economy and the Automotive Industry: A Give and Take Relationship

– The economy of America plays a vast role in the success of its industries. The automotive industry is largely subjective to the fluctuations in the financial stability of the American Economy. Many American automotive companies like General Motors and Chrysler have found themselves in financial difficulties, due to the recession. The economic status of America has a large effect on the government which greatly affects the automotive industry. Just as the economic status effects industry, the industry itself has a tremendous effect on the economy….  

The Glass Ceiling for Women in the Workforce

– In America many groups have fought hard to gain equality in treatment, rights, and everyday living standards. Women are included amongst these groups. At one point in history women were not allowed to vote or carry the same positions as men in work. Due to amendments and affirmative action these hindrances for women have been abolished. What still remains to day is the inner struggle within jobs also known as glass ceilings. Glass ceilings are daily obstacles for most women in their jobs every day….  

Cracking the Glass

– There is a company known as Corning, you may or may not have heard of them but be assured they are prevalent in many fields as manufacturers of appliances with a wide ranges of uses. They have recently released information in the form of videos, articles, and Public Service Announcements in regards to a new product known as Smart-glass. They have mentioned in all their releases how the new technology will become ubiquitous in the near future. Also in their videos they show intended possible uses for the technology from everyday life to the work environment….