Automotive engineer Essay

Automotive engineer Essay

Ferdinand Porsche was an Amazing Automotive Engineer

– … Later though, during the heated Nazi occupation of Europe, he set his sights on not being a target to the Nazis, due to his Serbian background. He moves to Germany to continue his work as an auto-manufacturer. As Hitlers rise to power commences in Germany, he is asked to change his citizenship to Germany by many high ranking officials. This was due to the fact that they wanted to keep him alive and not persecute him, for the had very valuable skills as an automotive designer. He reluctantly agrees, joining not only just the Socialist workers of Germany party, but the SS as well….  

Statement of Purpose for Automotive Engineering

– Ever since I was a child, I have had a great interest for the automotive industry. From car trivia to novel innovations, my innate passion for the automotive industry has always made me research the minutest detail of every vehicle that interested me. Since elementary school I would draw sketches of cars which incorporated technology which were unheard of at that time; novel devices such as electrochromic windshields, HUD displays, and wind turbines which would constantly re-generate electricity for the car….  

Mechanical Engineer Career

– In four months I will be done with high school, and the time has come for me to go to college and learn a career. The career that I plan on choosing is a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer is a very broad career path with many jobs available. “These jobs can range from someone designing parts for space shuttles, buildings, computers, cars, and various other important mechanical parts that are necessary for today’s society” ( . The part of mechanical engineering that I want to go into is the design of automotive engines….  

What It Takes to Become a Computer Engineer

– … Your wrist and your eyes are probably the only things that will be affected. Long hours sitting in front of a computer for multiple months can also lead to obesity. Computer engineers tend to make a decent amount of money. It is said that computer engineering graduates start out making the most money out of all engineers. “The bureau of labor statistics estimated an average salary for computer engineers of $101,360 per year in 2011” (Michael). Depending on what type of computer engineer you are and your current experience your range of salary can increase or decrease….  

Hybrid Technology over Petroleum Usage

– I imagine the world will much more changes especially technology. The technology will change our life enormously. The latest technology that exist today give more amazement to me such as bendable smartphone. The smart phone that can bend and also flexible developed by Samsung. And also 3D printing, the printer able to print 3D shape from 3D picture. What will happen 50 years from now is huge transformations with more new invention, innovation and design. As automotive engineer, I found possible of future car technologies will produce in future….