Author writer Essay

Author writer Essay

The Extraordinary Life of a Black Author Alice Walker

– The Extraordinary Life of a Black Author Alice Walker is a very recognizable black author that some critics think as the strongest author of her time due to how she can express herself. Walker is an author who wrote a joof her life but never expected to share her stories with the world until she was inspired by other authors with similar hardships. Alice Tallulah- Katie Walker is the well-known and respected contemporary African American author of The Color Purple that has been read by millions around the world….  

Mark Twain: An Authentic History Author

– As time passed more and more he became a bigger and bigger icon in the United States. Mark Twain changed the way writing was understood, he found realism in his memories from his childhood that was discovered to be controversial but overall truthful about the time period. Mark Twain grew up in Missouri and expressed his exotic and memories throughout his books. He wrote some of the most realistic fictional novels and really captured the life of kids in the late 1800’s. Although his life turned into a overwhelming depression, his books will live on forever and so will his glory years….  

Analysis of the Biography of Upton Sinclair

– Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore, Maryland on September 20th 1978. Sinclair grew up in a broken household; his father was an alcohol salesman and killed himself drinking. While his mother would not even think about drinking alcohol. So these personalities naturally clashed. So Sinclair found some solace in books, Sinclair was a natural writer and he began publishing at the young age of fifteen years old. Sinclair started off going to school at a small college by the name of New York City College….  

Charles Dickens: A Brief Biography

– … Fortunately, a year later, he returned to his education after his father was bailed out; this supports some of the happy endings in Charles’ books (“Charles John…”). But, another painful memory, was when he finally got out of the dreadful factory job, his kind-hearted mother wanted him sent back, which was seemed to be a huge betrayal to young Charles (Glancy 4). All of these feelings of happiness, sadness, betrayal, rejection, and hopelessness in Charles’ early years would later constitute in his books….  

Life of John Steinbeck

– … In December 20, 1968 John Steinbeck passed away from heart disease and his death was located at New York City (John Stein..). Even though he lived in New York since 1944 and passed away in 1968, his ashes still brought back to his hometown which is Salinas, California and buried there (Reuben). Influences are important in life, because it can change a person personality or the way they originally are. For example, John’s mother was a big influence in his writing, because she was a former teacher, it gave him the intention and interest in English literature (Shmoop)….