Audiologist Essay

Audiologist Essay

Why I’ve Decided to Become and Audiologist

– I have always wanted to help people. I’ve always wished to help make a difference in people’s lives. I plan to be an audiologist because I want to change people’s lives and how I can be able to help them and make a difference in someone’s life. As an audiologist I want to help people to hear, by either issuing them a hearing aid or helping them with other hearing options. I wish to be able to administer a hearing test and or help people through therapy or be able to find other forms of help if I am not able to provide the help needed…. ;

Admissions Essay to Become an Audiologist at USF

– “Music is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent,” wrote the iconic American essayist, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, a lofty proclamation that inspired my focus to help those with hearing loss through restoration. After a winding journey in search for an academic focus, I discovered that audiology is far more than just aiding deaf or hard of hearing individuals, but restoring balance, managing loss through therapy, and discovering new research techniques that may involve auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder…. ;

Regulation for Audiologists

– I begin my report by firstly clearing up the term regulation; in order to put things into perspective, a definition is required. The term ‘Regulation’: ‘noun, rule or directive made and maintained by an authority’. 1 In my report I will try to explain how the profession; Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispensers are regulated, the main rules in accordance to regulation and how it affects you, as a student/applicant or a professional/registrant. Also I will briefly talk about other “bodies” involved with Audiology and how they differ between each other….  

Summary of Tour Experience

– … Dr. Fauzia Abdalla was one such person that I plagued with questions after reading the poster that she was presenting about the public perception of people who stutter. Learning about the way that the public perceived these people who stutter, in some negative ways, made me wonder if it is due to ignorance on the public’s side. Another poster talked about the anxiety experienced by children who stutter, and once again, it had me wondering about how the different levels in severity of stuttering would affect the anxiety levels that the researchers found….  

What are Cochlear Implants?

– Cochlear Implants By three years old, children are expected to be talking in simple sentences to communicate with people, however in my case, I did not talk at all which my parents became concerned and believed that I am just having a speech delay which they began to encourage me to talk more. As time proceeded, my parents realized that there is something wrong with me, so they took me to audiologist to get my hearing tested, as it is one of primary reason why the children isn’t talking. I never experienced hearing the sounds and noises, so I learned quickly to depend on my other senses….