Audio describer Essay

Audio describer Essay

Audio Effects of The Family of Man

– From the first scene to the last, director and producer Stanley Kubrick, takes control of and masters all facets of the movie, especially the sound and audio effects. Director Stanley Kubrick uses audio effects to accentuate the plot. The audio effects are crucial to understanding the movies hidden meaning. He relies on the feelings and thoughts that he wants to be portrayed to come through the sounds that accompany the scenes and uses the audio to subtly convey information and emotions. Bill Blackmore’s critique of the use of sounds in “The Family of Man”, is mostly correct, with the exception of a few missed audio/ musical pieces that seem to have been overlooked that hold importance….  

Spectral Band Replication in Audio Coding

– … But with the subsequent performance of individual terminal are much more powerful now. In this reason, a new high-frequency compression method can effectively preserve the high band information is demand imminent. Thus, SBR is starting apply to the systems. Now, many audio compressor are beginning to use SBR to enhance their performance in the high-frequency part, typically examples are HE-AAC and MP3pro, which is an upgraded version of the AAC and MP3. This article will mainly focus on the SBR working principle, how to achieve high quality and low bit rates, and how is SBR been used to improve the performance in the multimedia audio compression field….  

Audio Recording

– Thomas Edison was responsible for the first audio recording back in 1877, using a phonograph to record the impressions into a tin-wrapped cylinder. He promptly applied for a patent, and was granted one the next February. This first model held the field for a few years, until 1881, when Charles Tainter in Volta Labs developed the first lateral-cut records (similar to the vinyl records we’re familiar with). Unfortunately, he had not developed a method of playback, just recording. This held until 1885, when Tainter cooperated with Chichester Bell to create vertically-cut cylinders coated in wax as the medium for the new recording practice….  

Taking a Look at Audio Compression

– … Due to the transmission of signal along with the noises like background noise, environmental noise and the noise present in signal itself leads for the distortion and loss of information, such that the transmission is not much effective. In between the output transponder and microphone there is a positive feedback loop which affects the hearing aid. The stable gain achieved in the forward path and the sound quality at the output is reduced by this feedback [1]. Since the hearing aids are used to correct impaired hearing, it should be tuned from the lower range of frequency to the normal audible frequency….  

Digital Audio Format Comparison

– INTRODUCTION Digital media is taking over, literally. It already took over the music industry, and on February 17, 2009 it will conquer broadcast television by congressional mandate. Many digital media consumers are bewildered by an abundance of confusing terms and trapped by digital media’s overwhelming market share. This paper will attempt to shed some light on the inner workings of this enigma by explaining why audio compression is used, and comparing the most common digital audio codecs used in online music sales….