Aquaculture environmental analyst Essay

Aquaculture environmental analyst Essay

Aquaculture and Shrimp Culture

– Aquaculture in general and shrimp culture in particular have recently been developing strategies of super-intensive cultures without water exchange. This approach addresses environmental questions raised by both society and the scientific community regarding sustainable development concepts which demand a convergence of ecological prudence, economic efficiency and social equity in all human activities (Bailey, 1988; Brown, 1989; Pruder, 1992; Macintosh and Phillips, 1992; Kinkelin and Michel, 1992; Pe? rez, 1993; Currie, 1994; Primavera, 1994; Rosenthal, 1994; Larsson et al., 1995; Kestemont, 1995)….  

Description of a Climate Change Analyst Career

– A Climate Change Analyst, also known as C.C.A., is a person that use existing climate data to create mathematical models of what will happen to ocean and land temperatures in the next 50 years. They identify the environmental impacts of existing policies. They propose policies related to alternative fuels & other factors related to climate change. They also research and evaluate climate data so they can determine how shifts in the climate affect natural resources, animals, & civilizations. They use the information to make helpful suggestions about what individuals & governments can do to ensure a higher-quality life for everyone in the face of a changing environment….  

Biofuel and Aquaculture

– Biofuel and aquaculture are two of many industries that extract resources from ecological systems. For either corn-based biodiesel or finfish farming, the production process acquires feedstock from energy-fixing ecological systems such as farm fields and oceans. In cases such as intensified salmon farming, large amount of supplement is applied including fish meal and fish oil obtained from other ecological systems such as wild ocean (Naylor et al, 2000). For residue-derived biofuel and shellfish agriculture, energy input from external ecosystems, although relatively small, is still necessary to meet the energy needs….  

The Malta Aquaculture Research Center

– The environment is all that surrounds us and it is thus the place where we exist and live. However, since humans are terrestrial organisms, when the word “environment” is mentioned, the marine environment doesn’t usually come to mind. My biology site visit, at secondary level, was at the M.A.R.C and it was there that my eyes were opened to the continuous and laborious work that takes place in the background, away from all public knowledge. Hence, I decided to take on this project so as to learn into further depth what takes place at such centers and how such centers aim at trying to combat unsustainable fishing by trying to produce fish on a commercial scale….  

Aquaculture: Current Market for High Value Crustaceans

– There is a great deal of demand in the current market for high value crustaceans such as shrimp, crabs and lobsters. Developed western societies have a higher economic status, giving the country more spending power to purchase unconventional luxury items such as these. As a result, the traditional shrimp trawling industry have near exploited the wild shrimp population, leading to an increase in aquaculture production by exotic species. These are species that have been translocated outside the range of their natural distribution….