Anthropologist Essay

Anthropologist Essay

Controversies and Consequences which Arise from Anthropologist being Contracted by a Particular

– When anthropologists’ are involved in native title litigations, ambiguities may arise. In native title cases, anthropologists’ give their expert, objective opinion. This opinion helps determine whether a continuing relationship between an Indigenous group and the land exists. Engaged anthropologists apply their methodology to real world situations, such as native title. The Native Title Act passed in 1993, provides a national system which recognises and protects native title. It recognises that some Indigenous people, who show continuity from their traditional laws and customs, have rights to their land….  

Cultural Anthropologist as a Career

– In a world filled with every possible career imaginable, one may be a bit skeptical to choose one within the field of anthropology; however, for those who are intellectually oriented, it can be a rewarding and stimulating career, the benefits quite worth the years spent learning the information and necessary skills required by this multifarious field. Typically, when considering a career in a field as intellectually strenuous as this, one must be aware of the varying opportunities in the anthropological job market and how to make use of said opportunities….  

Myerhoff: An Anthropologist?

– In studying the Jewish elderly members of the Center, Myerhoff attempted to understand the people there as an isolated society with a distinct culture. Through participant observation, as well as carefully recorded interviews and conversations, Myerhoff aimed to document this culture and understand it as a basis for unity among the Center members. Her immersion in this culture along with her anthropological perspective made her successful in representing the people of the Center. In her book, Number the Days, Myerhoff provides readers with an ethnographic analysis of the existence of a culture….  

Gender Importance of the Anthropologist of Ethnography

– Gender Importance of the Anthropologist of Ethnography What importance may the sex of the anthropologist have on the ethnographic process. There are many factors which can influence the ethnographic process for an anthropologist, and a very important one is his/her sex. This essay will examine the different attitudes towards sex, the problems that face all ethnographers when they embark on fieldwork in a different environment to their own, as well as the problems and benefits which can arise due to the sex of an anthropologist….  

The Development of the Mortuary Complex by Anthropologist Dr. Zahir Haivass

– … It is safe to say that if burial practices had not played a factor in our ancestors cultural beliefs, many excavated villages and civilizations would not be present in this day and time leaving many more questioned unanswered. The coffin burials in Denmark are 3,000 years old and is a practice were people were buried in a tree trunk on a burial mound. Surprisingly, this process let rain water creep into the cracks of the wood which helped preserved the bodily remains by keeping the bacteria out that is known to cause decay….