Announcer on radio television or other media Essay

Announcer on radio television or other media Essay

Positive Apsects to Being a Radio Announcer

– … Most radio stations are on air 24 hours a day but with advances in technology most of the overnight hours are eliminated because the late-night shows can be recorded during the day. (, 2014) Accuracy is considered very important in being a radio announcer. There would be many face to face interactions with other people. One would need to make many important decisions that would not only affect that individual but also could affect others. Announcers will have to speak in front of other people….  

The Effects of Media on Our Lives

– The Effects of Media on Our Lives Social Scientists say that the average American watches too much television and plays too many video games. I would agree with this, because in high school that is all I did, but not so much for me anymore. Back when I was in high school that is all I did. Watch television, play Nintendo, hang out with my friends. However, now that I am in college, I have had to change my ways. It helps a lot that I don’t have either one of those in my dorms. The media though is a really good thing…. ;

The Pwerful Functions of Television

– It is an undeniable fact that, television acts as a very powerful tool of controlling our mind. Since the television first appeared in the early 20th century, it has impacted people’s lives for many generations. The information that we obtain from various TV programs impinges on our individualities in some way. Namely television has become the most powerful tool which can insensibly convert the manner in which viewers think and experience. When the television is becoming a part of social culture, people are unwittingly get stuck and spend more spare time on watching TV….  

The Other Side of Paradise

– The Other Side of Paradise Any avid viewer of television has seen the advertisement. The sun reflects over a gleaming ocean, ornately dressed women dance in circles, smiling couples dine at sunset, children laugh and run across the beach, then the announcer says, “come to Barbados, paradise awaits you”. Although I consider myself a grounded and logical person, I confess that each time the announcer alluringly gives the invitation, wistful thoughts run through my head. The idea of leaving behind the chaos of everyday life and retreating to a place of laughter and no worries is truly tempting….  

Information Technology Influences on NFL, NASCAR and Other Sports

– Information Technology Influences on NFL, NASCAR and Other Sports Information technology has influenced sports in many ways. Not only has it influenced sports in North America but also sports across the world. “In 1988, Stan Honey, Jerry Gepner, and Bill Squadron—three former executives at News Corp. and Fox Sports—founded Sportvision ( They used their extensive technology, sports production, and broadcast experience to create an innovative company that focuses on developing technology-based enhancements for the Internet, sports television, and new media platforms” (Shapiro)….