Airport attendant Essay

Airport attendant Essay

The Effects of 9/11 on Airport Security

– … The attacks were allegedly thought to be retaliations for America’s support of Israel, its involvement in the Persian Gulf War and its increased military presence in the Middle East ( Furthermore, when the first plane struck New York City’s World Trade center most people thought what occurred was an accident. Since September 11th, there have been many changes in the day-to-day work life flight crews. Flight attendant veteran, Heather Poole knows first hand about the changes flight attendants went through in the years since 9/11….  

Potential Career: Flight Attendant

– The Career Exploration choice that appealed to me the most was the job of a Flight Attendant. I think that traveling the world would be very exciting and as a Flight Attendant I would have a chance to travel, meet lots of different people and experience different cultures around the world. Flight Attendants do not make a lot of money at first but I think it would be ok to work up to a higher salary, especially since Zarin said that the airline pays for your expenses. The idea of being a flight attendant is a little impossible for me….  

Transportation Security Administration: Airport Protection

– A major plane crash can change hundreds of lives. If the U.S. government was not monitoring airport security, not checking bags and or passengers, then it would have allowed many dangerous people to board an airplane. The 21st century is on high alert for passenger safety because if a terrorist boards a plane it can truly be a devastating situation. Airport security is important for the safety of passengers. Risks are associated with flying; in order to assure safety, passengers need to receive full body screening….  

Heathrow Airpor: London, United Kingdom International Airport

– Heathrow Airport is a major international airport located in London, United Kingdom. Owned by BAA Ltd, it is one of the largest airports in the world, and the busiest airport in Europe, and is possibly the most important hub in the world, with a high number of passengers who utilise Heathrow simply as a transit point between aircraft, in addition to large numbers of passengers destined or leaving London. Associated with these large volumes are environmental issues caused by the commensurate level of aircraft movements….  

Raising Minimum Wage in SeaTac Airport

– Most airport workers at SeaTac airport 2013 hold multiple jobs and work thirty hours for $45,000 annually. This is only common because airport workers in other airports roughly earn at least $60,000 for the same amount of work. Many workers are struggling to the day where they can actually have extra money after all the things that need to be paid off. The underlying causes of raising the minimum wage at SeaTac airport are dissatisfaction, jealousy and most importantly, fear. First of all, one of the causes of raising the minimum wage in SeaTac is dissatisfaction….