Aircraft gas turbine engine overhaul technician Essay

Aircraft gas turbine engine overhaul technician Essay

How a Gas Turbine Engine Works

– The invention of internal combustion engines in the early 19th century has led to the discovery of utilisation of cheap energy that is petroleum and this enabled the world to develop and progress into the modern world today. Humans were able to accomplish more work done with little manual labour, using internal combustion engines powered by fossil fuels. Internal combustion engine are mechanical power devices that convert heat energy to mechanical energy with the combustion process taking place in a system boundary (Rolle, 2005)….  

The Jet Engine

– The jet engine is a great mechanical piece of engineering. It has been used in almost all aircraft since its invention. This one improvement in aircraft allowed aircraft to fly higher, faster, and more efficient. The turbocharged engine invented by GE was the main building block for other engines. Since its invention, the jet engine has been the workhorse for all jet powered aircraft. General Electric was one of the first companies to build a turbocharged jet engine. GE hired Alexander Moss in 1918 to build an engine with a booster, or turbocharger on a piston engine….  

Researching a Jet Engine

– … Hans Van Ohain’s work was not shared to the world, but Whittle’s was and as a consquence Sir Frank Whittle is now more accredited to early jet engines. After Whittle’s and Ohain’s discoveries the development of jet engines sky rocketed. General Electric built the first American jet engine for a United States Air Force plane that first took flight in October, 1942. Soon after that, in 1944 the mass production of jet engines began. The jet engines could be used in many ways, but the main use for jet engines was to create thrust in planes so they could fly….  

The Pratt and Whitney F135 Jet Engine

– With my paper on aircraft engines, I decided to write on the Pratt and Whitney F-135 turbo jet engine. In this paper I am going to discuss the power capabilities of the engine. What it can and not do in reference to its performance. I am also going to talk about who makes the particular engine and what it has to do with the government. And finally, I am going to bring up which aircraft it is being used on and where the idea came from in the first place. The Pratt and Whitney aircraft company has been a long standing company in the aviation field….  

Gas Turbine Engines: Tuboprop and Turbofan Engines

– Task 1 (P4) 1. Select two main types of gas turbine engines and state their pros and cons with respect to their operation, construction and installation arrangement Gas turbine engines are broken into four different types, the turbojet engine, the turbofan engine, the turboprop engine, and the turboshaft engine. Turbofan and turboprop engines will only be given detailed study. Turboprop Engine Turboprop engine is almost the same as turbofan since it is also equipped with a fan on the front section of the engine, which is the propeller used as the source of force of the engine being powered by the turbine….