Aircraft fuel system operator Essay

Aircraft fuel system operator Essay

Aircraft Maintainence

– Aircraft maintenance AVIATION REGULATION AND SAFETY Question 1 A good safety record is a judgment of past performance but does not guarantee the future (PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA 2004) [ref.3]. Airline operators, pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, government regulators and makers all have a stake in making aviation as safe as possible. Howbeit, they are still many aircraft had been crash due to many other reasons, such as the pilot’s error (which we called as the “human factor”), factor of fatigue, weather, congestion and others….  

The Varying Types and Uses of Drones

– “A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot.” They aid in not putting soldiers lives at risk from potential enemy. These aircraft’s can be small enough to fit into your pocket and large as a three story apartment building. Performance depends on mission the power, engine type, speed, endurance, weight, and altitude. Technology is advancing drones have capabilities of having a camera for surveillance, missiles to shoot a target, GPS satellite for coordination, and ability to stay in the air for hours at a time with minimum use of fuel….  

The Shadow Unmanned Aerial System

– The Shadow Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is composed of 8 systems, four RQ-7B or Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), two Ground Control Stations (GCS), one Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS), two Ground Data Terminals (GDT), two Tactical Automated Landing Systems (TALS), four One Sys Remote Viewing Terminals (OSRVT), an Air Vehicle Transport (AVT), and a Maintenance Support Multifunction (MSM) maintenance vehicle. The RQ-7B has a flight endurance of up to 9 hours, an operating range of 109 KM and a service ceiling of 15,000 ft….  

TransJakarta Busway Operator Improvement

– 1. Introduction Since repulsive traffic situations nowadays getting increasingly occurs in Jakarta, a heart of Indonesian economy city, TransJakarta as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system expected to be alternative completion cope with this issue (Hook and Ernst 2005). Within almost ten years operated on 2004 (TransJakarta 2011), TransJakarta operating systems still has require substantial improvement facing a never end congestion and other problems come about (Hook 2003). Reflecting to these matters, one of key points of project implementation on B2B circumstance is collaborativing activity among actors which aline with the market in service ecosystem outlook (Vargo and Lusch 2011)….  

Chemistry: The Molecular Formula of Fuel and the Combustion of Fuel

– Chemistry is not used only in a lab environment, but it is used for every aspect of life. One way to look into a more in-depth view of chemistry is to apply it to a hobby, or something that may personally affect your everyday life. One of the biggest parts of my life and my main hobby is flying. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to become a pilot. I am currently working towards my private pilot’s license and I am also attending the U.S. Air Force Academy starting in June to study aeronautical engineering….