Agronomist Essay

Agronomist Essay

History of Agronomy

– History of agronomy The history of Agronomy; agronomy is the science and technology of using plants for food. Agronomy and agriculture has been around for many years. It is believed to have started over 10,000 years ago. Agriculture is the heart of a society, without the help of agriculture a society will not be able to grow. Evidence points to the Middle East as the site of the earliest planned harvesting of plants. (Wikipedia). The Egyptians were some of the first people to set up forms of agriculture with a form of setting up rows to grow there plants and new ways to harvest them (Wikipedia)….  

Restoration and Recovery of the Botanical Garden Jose Maria Orozco

– Summary of Proposal Background The main objective of the botanical gardens today is the conservation of biological diversity ex situ, allowing for the potential loss of this because of the destruction of the environment. However, in the past the main activity of the botanical gardens was the buildup and maintenance of diversity that explorers brought back from unexplored regions, near and far, in order to make them available to growers that they would explore the potential that plants collected….  

Experience with a Chemical Company Sales Expert

– … When he passed away it switched hands to the grandson and now I meet with Tanner, the grandson”, Mike said. It took about 45 minutes to get there. Upon arriving on the property there were three large chemical tanks that had the pioneer emblem painted on them. Pioneer is a partner of DuPont. Seeing that big emblem I knew the people we were about to meet with had to be a big time customer, to have that on their tanks. Starting out first with this customer, during the day, Mike was prioritizing business with these people….  

Taking a Look at Soil Depletion

– … Throughout the years, however, it has been noticeable that the negatives of chemical fertilizers are greater than the positives. One of the largest negative actions taken regarding N-P-K was to use of remaining nitrogen from the World War II as fertilizer. This fact not only marks a negative step towards today’s problem but also a major contributor to the beginning of the fertilizer problem itself (Ganzel and Reinhardt). After the end of the World War II huge amounts of nitrogen remained and a purpose had to be found for it and since “farmers and scientists understood how important nutrients were to crops,” they decided to put it to use (Ganzel and Reinhardt)….  

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

– There were many men involved in the establishment of the government, the laws regulating states and people, and individual rights in the construction of the United States of America. Two men stand out as instrumental to our founding principles: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson was an educated, articulate and accomplished man from a well-respected family. He had a great understanding of farming and of the relationship between man and his environment, working diligently to balance the two for the best interest of each….