Advertising specialist Essay

Advertising specialist Essay

The Truth About Advertising

– Do we have control over our own thoughts. In today’s world, that is not a question so easily answered. People everywhere are constantly being bombarded wherever possible by advertisements, desperately trying to capture their attention and linger in their minds. Billboards are resurrected along highways; skyscrapers are painted to the floor with posters and ads. We see them in restrooms, scattered throughout our favorite television programs, and even in the lines and scenery of characters in movies….  

The Purpose of Advertising

– The Purpose of Advertising The purpose of advertising is to familiarise the public with a certain brand or product. Companies spend millions of pounds a year on advertising so that when the public are searching for a product or service a certain brand is recognised and, as a result, their product or service is chosen. Companies need to ensure that their money is spent wisely. They do this by completing extensive market and physcological research. Members of the public from a company’s target group or audience are chosen to express their views about the advertisment before it is published or aired….  

Changes and Activities for Fairfax Media Company, Questions and Answers

– … As outlined in page 121 of the 2013 FairFax Annual Report, there are 6 various business segments each with its own business activities. These segments are: Fairfax Regional Media: Principal activities consist of printed and online newspaper distribution for all of Australian regional and agricultural media. The revenue of this segment is accounted at $573.35 million. Metropolitan Media: Principal activities consist of metropolitan news, sport, and business media through various online, mobile and print platforms….  

Advertising and Promotion

– Advertising and Promotion Introduction Communication plays a major part when it comes to advertising, this booklet explains the communications industry, and it also looks at the roles of the various parties in the industry and their relationship between one another. Communications Process Communication is contact between two or more parties, giving information. The aim of the communications process is to influence buyer behaviour, but before the marketers can influence the consumers they need to know how the communication process works….  

Target Audience and Advertising

– Target Audience and Advertising I often read ‘Mixmag’ a magazine aimed at clubbers and the dance music community. I buy this particular magazine because it provides an insight in to new music and club culture, as well as giving detailed Dj reviews and club promotions. The magazine has a number of features including 2 for 1-club promotions, free V.I.P club access and every month comes with a free audio CD, which is produced by the hottest names in the dance music industry from Pete Tong to Masters at Work….