Advertising assistant Essay

Advertising assistant Essay

Advertising for Children

– Opgave 1 1. Give examples of methods used by companies in order to make children buy their products. Different companies use different methods in order to sell junk food. Since they know that the technology has become the primary tool in children’s life, companies try to make children eat unhealthy food by implementing different computer games. For example, Pepsi Company used a computer game competition created a breezy Starburst in order to make people win money by sending text messages. Other companies used games such as selling McDonald products including plastic burgers and chicken nuggets….  

Administrative Office Technology: Executive Administrative Assistant

– ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Administrative Office Technology: Executive Administrative Assistant From the 1920s-1960s the women who were called “secretaries” were severely stigmatized. The most common misconception about secretaries was that they were pretentious office workers who were only out to find a husband. According to an article on National Public Radio’s website, “For decades secretary positions were the only ones that women could hold in many workplaces….  

The Impact of Alcohol Advertising in Sport on Teenagers

– Introduction: We all have seen how Alcohol has had a sizeable impact on sporting events. Sporting events such as the Heineken Cup In Rugby, The Guinness Autumn Rugby Internationals, and The Hennessy Brandy Gold Cup. The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship was called the Guinness Hurling Championship when Guinness was the main sponsor between 1995 and 2008. In England Liverpool FC were sponsored by Carlsberg and Heineken also sponsor the Champions League. These are just some brands that have become synonymous with sport….  

Let It Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant

– Introduction Just starting a new position as executive assistant, working directly for the CEO of Faith Community Hospital I receive my first assignment as executive assistant. I am charged with solving specific problems, delivering the solutions and describing my rationale for my proposed solutions, my boss, the CEO of the Community Hospital is requiring the information next Monday. In my following report I will take steps to identify the problems and to solve each of the problems described using the critical thinking skills I have learned at State University….  

American Advertisements

– America’s film industry, whether it be movies or television series, spans the globe. In almost every country in this world American entertainment reigns supreme. While I was in a rural village of Indonesia, an elderly man approached me, knowing I was an American, and asked me about who I would be voting for in the 2004 Presidential Election. The extent that our media reaches is astounding. So I ask myself: what would a person think about our country by simply viewing our television advertisements…. ;