Administrative services department manager Essay

Administrative services department manager Essay

My Role as the Administrative Manager of the Organization

– … He argues that “the laws of organization are ultimately inexorable”. Organization reality frames a great deal of leadership practice within a particular sector. My organization; Aims Asset Mgt Ltd consists of a set of regulated professionals and individuals associated with broker dealing, buying and selling of stocks and other securities for both retail and institutional clients through stock exchange or over the counter in return for a fee or commission. We have different departments/units such as Marketing, Accounts and Admin, Customer service, Clerical and the Management team….  

The Study of Social Services Organizations

– The study of social services organisations, their structure, strategy and the quality of services they provide is significant to outcomes for service users and to professional development. A sociological perspective defines an organisation as a “social unit” constructed to carry out a specific function in order to reach a specific goal (Fulcher and Scott, 2007). How the organisation reaches its goals is dependent entirely upon the type of membership, mechanisms and motivations behind the function….  

Administrative Assistant – Learning Contract and Project Plan

– Personal Learning Objectives Learning Objective Learning Tasks Timelines Goal 1: To learn Customer Relationship management as a profession • To dress, communicate and act professionally in the organization premises. • To communicate properly with supervisor for professional issues. • To observe and match the level of supervisor’s interactions agency staff and clients. • Effectively interact with field supervisor and other staff in the department. • Seek feedback from supervisor regarding progress in assuming professional role….  

Adidas: Human Resources Manager

– Topic:Taking an HR/ER job The Advertisement and type of organization The position I have chosen to be in, 5 years from now is that of a human resource manager in the company Adidas group. The advertisement for this job came through a website of seek recruitment agents based in Australia. “An opportunity exists to join adidas Australia as a HR Manager. Reporting to the Pacific HR Director, this is an opportunity for an experienced HR professional to business partner the Australian Retail and Wholesale divisions, as well as manages a range of group-wide HR processes and a small team”(Seek ,2011).This job offers good remuneration package and benefits which are negotiable in nature….  

Appraissal Process for the City Manager Position at Wellington, Kansas

– This essay is to discuss the appraisal process for the City Manager position at the City of Wellington, Kansas. The performance of an organization’s employees is the key to the delivery of quality service in both public and nonprofit agencies (Ch. 10, Pynes). The performance evaluation is a critical component to ensure all levels of the organization are working optimally to achieve the desired output of the whole (Ch. 10, Pynes). It is important to understand the duties of the position being evaluated so that criteria of the evaluation are directly related to the duties and control of that position…. ;