Actor/actress Essay

Actor/actress Essay

Anaylsis of a Dinner and Production

– … The main characters, however, had no problem doing this and spoke naturally with one another. O’Neill was a character that most people loved to hate. The character was a jerk, but the actor played the role with a certain je ne sais quoi that made me, at the very least, enjoy his acting and admire his ability to seem like a bad person. Overall, the acting in this production was very good for being a simple dinner show. The directing of the production was, in my opinion, the best aspect of the entire play….  

Stalking: The Killing of Actress RebeccaShaeffer

– Stalking up until the late 80’s was never recognized by state or federal law and was never publicized until the killing of actress Rebecca Shaeffer, most notable role “My Sister Sam.” Shaeffer was living in California at the time of her murder. She was murdered by her stalker of two years, Robert John Bardo. Before, stalking laws, he would have been labeled as an obsessed fan. It took the actions of an actress being murder before any state or federal legislators to see a need for anti-stalking laws….  

Johnny Depp: A Truely Unique Actor

– A perfect movie character is one that the audience can form a complex, personal relationship with in the short time that a movie is viewed, displaying the art of acting and drama perfectly. When the thought of lovable movie characters is brought up, Johnny Depp will almost always be apart of the discussion. With his quirky, lively attitude which blends perfectly into roles that should not have soul, Johnny Depp is truly a one-of-a-kind actor. With a spectrum of characters Depp has played, ranging from Edward Scissorhands in the movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), to playing his role in 21 Jump Street (1987), up until the recent Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), he is involved in roles that “on…  

Asian Community in Modern Day Media

– … Ken Jeong usually plays as the random minor roll foriegn asian guy who is there to make people laugh. Think about it, in The Hangover Ken plays a foreign asian mobster, in Community Ken plays a know it all Korean spanish teacher, even in Knocked up he stereotypes “the Asian job” as a doctor that got there because he is Asian. Ken is only the first person amongst the multiple examples. Secondly, Jackie Chan is another actor in which they only play a stereotyped Asian. Sure Jackie Chan play as the main character in a lot of movies, but is stereotyped a lot….  

Great Speeches from History: Ellen Page

– On the 14 February 2014, Ellen Page a nominated Oscar actress came out as gay in a speech that can be recognised as one of the most famous and well known speeches of current times and history. In this essay I will explain how Page’s fame profile and leading influence in the film industry and the world, her vocabulary and language applied in her speech, the deliverance and presentation of the speech and the topic of discrimination amongst the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT) itself contributes to the overall popularity of the speech….