3D modeller Essay

3D modeller Essay

Reasons for the Collapse of the Minoan Civilization at the End of the Bronze Age

– No one can say for sure how the Minoan civilization came to an end – but a number of theories have eventuated from evidence at sites on Crete, Thera and other places in the world. I believe that a mix of natural disaster, social and political upheaval and ultimately invasion are what brought about the collapse of the Minoan Civilization. Firstly, I believe the eruption of Santorini was more powerful than first estimated, due to the presence of a shallow sea inside the Theran crater, with the volcano situated in the centre of that sea….  

The Life of Oscar Pistorius

– … Those words got Pistorius to start sobbing and serioud worry to his face. If he is able to escape the more serious charges of premeditated murder he will still be convicted of murder without premeditation, which will carry a sentence of 15 years in prison. The trial was scheduled to in 3 March 2014 in the South African capital, Pretoria, facing additional charges of illegal possession of ammunition. Pistorius went on a holiday out of the country while on waiting on the trial, when an accused is granted bail they are not allowed to step out of jail but Pistorius did and that had many question the laws of their country or that is allowed for high profile people only….  

sop for cass

– I am applying for admission to the MSc. program in Mathematical Trading and Finance because I want a career in the area of mathematical finance. In particular, I am interested in the application of mathematical methods to the various areas of finance. In order to gain an appreciation of these and related issues, it is essential for me to have a strong grounding in the areas of advanced mathematics as well as to gain a Finance perspective. I believe that my educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding profession….  

My Definition of Terrorism

– To me, terrorism is the use of violent actions to provoke fear or terror in a population for the purpose of spreading a message. I agree with Moeller in that terrorism is distinguished from other forms of violence in that “The victims and the intended audience of a terrorist act are not the same,”1 and “the psychological impact of a terrorist act is intended to be greater than the physical damage caused. The goal of terrorism is to send a message, not defeat the enemy.”2 Additionally, in regards to Moeller’s questions of whether terrorism is a tactic or ideology, terrorism is purely a tactic among many others, not an ideology at all….  

Financial Gerontology – Compare and Contrast

– The area of Financial Gerontology, financial planning for the elderly generation, is an area that encompasses many legal and ethical issues. Professional duties, legal duties, and duties to the client, may all call for different routes to be taken in certain situations that may arise. Two articles that I have read that have been written on these issues are “Legal and Ethical Issues in Financial Gerontology,” by Laura Addington, Sandra Reynolds, and Ronald Duska; and “Ethical Long-Term Care Planning: Applying the Society’s Code,” written by Keith Moeller, and David Christopherson….